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In the footstep of a legend

bruce_lee So those punk ass Hollywood kiddos wanna touch my stuff eh?The last time I caught up with the news about the rebooting of Bruce Lee projects were a while ago. So what I'm writing now might be obsolete. It might be a good thing, or a bad thing. Actually, this subject might already have been commented upon by KOZOof LoveHkFilm... damn you Kozo! It's great that more Asian actors are getting into the American/International industry, but really... remakes? What I'm refering to are the remakes of The Green Hornet and Enter the Dragon. I've never seen The Green Hornet, but reading a wiki about it, it seems like the usual caped crusader fare. But instead of getting Christopher Nolan to direct, we get Seth Rogen as director and lead actor. Stephen Chow was optioned to Direct and play Kato, but now he's stepped back as producer (I think). gh-black-beauty Make a break for it before they ruin our legacy.I'm guessing The Green Hornet is going to be a comedy film, similar to Get Smart. The latest news I read was that Taiwan's Prince of Pop, Jay Chou will be helming the role of Kato. Made famous by Bruce Lee in the one season TV serial and starred the son of Charlie Chan in the film series. JayChou I've always wanted to be Bruce Lee. All I drink is water too!Getting Jay is all fine, but I do have one question... can Jay speak English? I already have a hard time listening to him speaking in Cantonese, (dubbed over by himself in Hong Kong movies) so would he redubb himself in English? Sort of like what Jackie Chan did with his old movies? Jackie These are flowers from my fansee, I'm the original Bruce Lee successor.From one side of Asia to another, we have Rain rumoured to be playing Bruce's role in Enter the Dragon. A movie about a Shaolin monk/fighter that goes to a mysterious island for some Mortal Kombat action. Unlike The Green Hornet, I'm guessing that Enter the Dragon will be a bloody mess. So much blood that it will make Han look like a character straight out of a Frank Miller comic book instead. Ninja Assassin You have dishonoured me... you have dishonoured my family... now you DIE a BLOODY and FIREY and STABEY DEATH!For one, I am with the fanboys that say Hollywood should not be remaking films. Let the originals stay up on the mantelpiece in dignity. But on the other hand, I think it's a good re-imagining of material. Young viewers will most likely not get to watch the films of yesteryear, unless they're film students or suddenly want to be a film blogger. bat31 I'm guessing The Tumbler won't be used as the Black Beauty in the remake...So the only way for them to get interest in watching classics is to watch a rehashed version (hopefully not garbaged up) and then get the urge to rent/buy the oldies. That reminds me, I better go get a copy of Casablanca and Schindler's List while I work on my Asian six pack. jung-ji-hoon-pic-0001bruceleeenterthedragonpicture1_jaychou

None of these two guys are even Honky like Bruce. tsk tsk.

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