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From Children Book to Chinese Comic

This week, I have watched two movies. One based off a simple children’s book and the other, a cult Hong Kong comic.


Firstly, let me begin with Spike Jonze’s, Where the Wild Things Are.

I first heard about this film when my brother showed me the teaser trailer a year or more ago. Instantly, I was amazed by the detail of the monster characters. Later, reading that Jonze  chose to use animatronics and people in suites, I was even more amazed.

Just like the book (which I read after watching the film), is a simple story about a boy named Max that travels to his imagination. An island full of monsters. Where there are no adults or people to tell him what to do. A world that he can call his, becoming a king.

Where the Wild Things AreNow you can boss us around and do whatever you want…. what ever…

But unlike the picture book ending with Max leaving the island because he’s hungry and lonely. The film delves deep into the psyche of Max. Each of his emotions are represented by each monster and it is when he’s realized what his monsters are, that he realizes himself and how foolish and childish he really is.

Where the Wild Things AreI’d watch the sunset with my monsters too if I had some. So romantic.

The media says that this film is too dark, scaring kids. Well. They are right! But also, the kid that sat two seats next to me seemed to enjoy the ride and wasn’t fussed about it at all. This is no more scarier than the latest Harry Potter films and besides, the scenes are made to be scary. The monsters clearly tell us what they’d do if they find out Max lied to them.

Where The Wild Things AreSo… you’re just a guy in a big halloween costume? I’m not really going crazy?

The production of the film was grand and shots were perfect. The lens flare’s throughout the movie gives the film a much more natural feel and the landscape of Victoria never looked more beautiful. Sorta makes me want to go… again.

I just hope that if anyone is planning on adapting a 10 page book to a feature film, they learn from Where the Wild Things Are.


One of my very first posts when I started writing this blog was about the Storm Riders sequel, The Storm Warriors. Back then, I was excited that one of my fav films when I was a teen was being continued and updated with the latest special effects.

The Pang Brothers weren’t wrong when they said this film is going to be 300 esque with the most digital effects that Hong Kong has used in live action yet. The pallette of the film is true to it’s comic book roots and yes, there are many moments that reminded me of 300. Should I dare to say that the film might out 300 he original 300 even in some parts.

1229995795940_27557Rice field workers get pwned by immortals wannabes.

What The Storm Warriors lacked in story and plot, made up for well choreographed fight scenes and believable Chi powers. Yes, you will think that you too can kill people with swinging your sword in the air!

Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng have both aged alright in the last 10 years. And it seems it was only last year that they took on the roles of Cloud and Wind. But unfortunately, their roles are still as stale as the first film. Both actors never have much to play with in the film. Cloud is always emo/hardcore whereas Wind, which is meant to be the more benevolent one, is a mindless robot for most of the film.

U149P4T8D1739992F107DT20090618152204Please let me live. I want to be in Storm Chasers next year.

The usual Pang Brothers trademark twist ending is gone. Instead, we have a cliffhanger that’s trying to get people crying out for another film. But the only crying is Ekin’s bad acting… he really should stick with comedies… he seems to do alright in those these days.

1175613272785589100Slow mo fighting is BETTER fighting.

This film could’ve been so much more. Mainly if there was a true reason for why the villains had to go to some cave and if Wind and Cloud weren’t such message dogs.

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