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Bondi Short Film Festival – Media Launch

PICEDITOR-SMHAussie Short Film Golden Girl, Genevieve Clay with last year’s fruit cocktail.

SilverKottage was invited to attend the media launch of the Bondi Short Film Festival and below, is an impression of the films that Jonathan, a correspondent of ours, had.

I had the privilege of being at the media launch of the 2009, 9th Annual Bondi Short Film Festival. It is being held this coming Saturday 28th November 2009 at the Bondi Pavilion. I was able to see four films that have been shortlisted and here are my thoughts:

Frances and Annie

This film is presented by last years Tropfest winner Genevieve Clay and it shows. It is a well made short film that questions the perceptions of society towards those with disabilities. When a busy body neighbour Samantha hears about the trouble at Number 25, she jumps to conclusions. An insightful film, and one that shows Genevieve’s talents.

Hamburger Eyes

A unique film by Nick Fogarty made about the photographers that put together the magazine “Hamburger Eyes”. Watching this film, I couldn’t help feeling a little bias towards it having a soft spot for photography. A unique way of combing the story of photography into film.


A touching film by Platon Theodoris that was actually created by the kids at the Sunrise Children’s Village in Cambodia. It is a beautifully told story about a young boy who must look after his sisters while his mother goes away to work on a farm. This film really grew on me after the first viewing. It is one worth watching.

Post It!

A film by Paul Slater that follows Sci-Fi writer Jim Gordons bid to win back his best friend from his now live-in girlfriend. I found it to have a funny and humorous take on mateship and a film that encapsulates Australian humour.

A well recommended day out for the family, partners, kids and relatives. A showcase of Australian short films and talent.

Seems like a promising line up indeed! Great to see some great Australian talent and hopefully they’ll get to the big leagues. Genevieve Clay seems to be working the short film circuit a lot so I think she’s a definite name to remember. Though, another film about disadvantaged people? What’s next? A real film called Simple Jack?

simple20jackOscars on the way.

Nick Fogarty’s Hamburger Eyes is on Vimeo already, and you can also check out his website.

Platon Theodoris’s website can be found here.

PlatonTheodorisYou know this guy loves his film when his site is based off a giant miniDV tape!

Seems like if you want to be a good filmmaker, you need an online presence and be multitalented… a bit like someone you know? ;-)

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