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Bondi Short Film Festival Finalist!!!

I made it![BondiShortFilmFestival](/attachments/2009/11/10/13/70570_2009111013000128.jpg)Actually, no... I didn't even have time to enter the competition with all the work I've been doing with Paper Cranes and private videos and playing with the 7D. Nevertheless, I hope to have something for the next festivals coming up.... (Though, I've heard that one before!) But, congratulations to the following 14 finalists of the Bondi Short Film Festival!

“Triple Concert in D Minor” - Writer/Director/Contact: Daniel Mitchell Rebecca had always wanted to play her beloved triangle with an orchestra, when the national youth orchestra are in town holding auditions, Rebecca has the chance to make her everlasting dream come true. *****“Fences” - Director/Contact: Tim Dean Writer: Chris Corbett* A young boy discovers that the world is more complicated than he ever imagined.“Hamburger Eyes” - Director/Contact: Nick Fogarty A short Documentary, shot on 16 mm film, made about the photographers that put together the black and white photo zube “Hamburger Eyes” – A magazine published tri-annually in San Francisco and captures pictorial history of both the intimate and iconic moments of everyday life.The Bucks Party - Production Administrator/Contact: Kathy Wheatley Director: Mike Hoath Aaron doesn’t like to see his old mate Tim as often as he’d like to these days, so when it comes as no real surprise when Aaron discovers that Tim has asked Dave, a bloke he works with, to be the best man at his upcoming wedding. Ever the loyal friend, Aaron shrugs off any small feelings of jealousy he might harbor and commits instead to a night of partying and drunken celebrations with his mate for his bucks party. But that night Aaron discovers something about the best man that could well and truly derail the marriage before it even starts, and has to then question his own motives before deciding what to do with the information."Swings and Roundabouts” - Producer/Contact: Nic Halliwell Director/Writer: Anna Mcgrath It’s hard to find love, especially when you’re not even looking for it. Through a chance encounter, Ian and Flora give each other an excuse to smile..."Frances and Annie" - Director/Contact: Genevieve Clay When a young woman drops by to greet her new neighbours, her preconceptions of who is responsible for a horrendous tragedy hinges on a face and a note...“Post This!” - Producer/Contact: Tara Foster Director: Paul Slater/Writers: Chris Byrnes, Tara Foster, Natalie Long/ Megan O’Dore/Anthony Roth/Celeste Dodwell/Lee Jones/Duncan Fellows SCI-FI writer Jim Gordon loses his creativity after his best mate’s girlfriend moves in. So what will Jim do to get his creativity and best mate back.“The Bubbleologist” - Production Administrator/Contact: Kathy Wheatley Director: Oyvind Opshaug/ Writer: Kazmir Sas What is Bubbleology? Bubbleology is an exciting new, cutting edge study into the creation of bubbles. Since making the discovery in his teens, Andrew Suttar (aka Doctor Froth) has since taken his findings to audiences of children and adults alike through Perth, across Australia and around the world, spreading the gospel of bubble through an enthralling mix of science and theater. Be mesmerized as the Bubbleologist contorts an assortment of custom made bubble wands to create his very own brand of bubble art. Over time, his art has become a philosophy and Andrew believes that a bubble is more than just a bubble. The bubble-ologist is a visual poem about a high school science project, which became a passion, which became a passion, which became…something else…Is there more to the humble bubble than we first thought?“JerryCan” - Producer/Contact: Stuart Parkyn Director/Writer: Julius Avery Five bored kids with nothing to do decide to blow something up. Paper, scissors, rocks seals the fate of Nathan, who risks everything after he is bullied into making a life and death decision.“My Girlfriend Jim” – Director: Damian Mclindon Producer: Ariel Jim will do anything to dodge his chores.“Fokkers Mountain Path” - Writer/Director/Contact: Luhsun Tan The true story of a civilian’s clandestine account of a disappearing colonial world as his life ends in a Japanese POW camp.“Sunrise” - Platon Theodoris When their mother leaves them for the work and cash of a cucumber farm, 9 year old Chim is forced to quit school in order to care for his two younger sisters. *****“Driven” - Director/Contact: Taylor Age Litton-Strain* Driven explores the conflicted expectations of today’s parents. Juggling work and fractured family relationships, it is the child who bears the unexpected consequences of his father’s frustrations...“Close Distance” - Contact: Ruth Saunders Director: Richard Vilensky Producer: Cecilia Ritchie Isaac Levi goes to collect his son from soccer one night only to find he’s been violently beaten. His search for vengeance leads him beyond his own sheltered world and into the streets of Islamic Sydney. I'm pretty boned that I can't make it to the screening on 28th November 2009 at the Bondi Pavillion. But hopefully, one of Silver Kottage's correspondents will be attending to give me a review of how the event and films are.

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