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Belinda Hamnett (Chinese: 韓君婷; Cantonese: Hon Kwun-Ting) born 28 September 1975 in Hong Kong is an actress, model and ex-beauty queen. Being crowned Miss Asia Pageant 1997 effectively launched her career in the fashion and entertainment industry. The model turned Chinese film actress currently lives in Hong Kong.


For the past several years she has been contracted with TVB and ATV Hong Kong broadcast companies and did several Cantonese based television series for them. She has also appeared in several movies and her photos have been featured in numerous fashion magazines.

In 2006, Belinda Hamnett publicly admitted that she has overcome anorexia and has been gradually gaining weight with the help of medical practitioners.[1] Belinda, who was once very skinny, underwent a course of exercise and ate small amounts of food several times a day in order to regain her feminine figure. She commented, “Although my body has not reached the stage the doctors approve of, but I am already very pleased. I am very happy at the moment. Whenever I have time I will go shopping and it makes me feel great!”



* My Family (2005) (TV Series) Akubi
* To Catch the Uncatchable (2004) (TV Series) Mary Sok
* Point of No Return (2003) (TV Series) as Law Bik-kei
* Ha yat cham... Tin Hau (2003) .... Icy

aka Diva: Ah Hey (Hong Kong: English title)
aka Next Station... Tin Hau (International: English title)
aka Xia yi zhan... tian hou (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

* "Sai gei chi chin" (2000) TV Series .... Cheng Miu-miu

aka War of the Century (Hong Kong: English title: literal title)

* My Date with a Vampire II (2000) (TV Series) Sia


* Troublesome Night 6 (2000)
* Dance of a Dream (2001)
* Women from Mars (2002) - Kwun-Ting Hon
* Love For All Seasons (2003) - Cat
* Diva - Ah Hey (2003)
* Bless the Child (2003)
* Men Suddenly in Black (2003) [cameo]
* The Princess of Temple Street (2003)
* Herbal Tea (2004) - Erotic Film Director
* Love is a Many Stupid Thing (2004)
* Where is Mama's Boy? (2005) - The big sister


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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
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Traditional Chinese Name 韓君婷
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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, mandarin
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Hong Kong
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October 28, 2008