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Rite. 2010, time for resolutions and resolutions. I made a date on a Sunday afternoon for brunch with the gals, I thought would include : Lynn ( + her baby, Michelle), Ida, Cora and I.

Normally, I don’t obligate Sundays as its recovering day. hehehe. You know, from Saturday nite. Anyways, its 2010, I wanted improvements. So I dragged myself out of bed and got ready. Took longer than usual, cuz my shower time increased from 15 minutes to 45 minutes as I had hair extentions (long hair, I had short hair before). Then make up and think of wat to wear, can’t go out looking like I fell out of a tree can I?

So, I arrive at ‘The Press Room’ 30 minutes late and amongst the buzzing activities in the very busy restaurant on Sunday, my dear friends have managed to occupy the biggest table with half the occupants their babies!!!

As you might have guessed by now, more of my great friends have turned up, some with husbands and definitely their little ones too… I was overwhelmed with joy! I had neglected my great friends in 2008/2009 in the process of ‘finding’ myself. And here, they sat, all happy to see me. I nearly cried but no one knew since I am a pretty good actress but yes, that’s why I love them. They never nag, yet they are always there.

So, this was the first improvement in 2010, I met up with nearly all my best friends on this beautiful Sunday and their other halves too… except of Lynn’s other half as he was golfing. It’s the norm for a Sunday. I sat down and ordered very quickly the tomato and bacon on foccacia toast + a double espresso PLEASE! Then proceeded to play with the kids! Yay! My Fav past time. Kids are pure and simple, love them.

Food came, it was delicious, service was as best as they could managed on a busy Sunday with the restaurant packed FULL. But I found something missing in my delicious meal. I couldn’t quite put a finger to it so I decided leave the thought for later and concentrate on my good company. I had the funnest Sunday in a long long time. I love family life and I got it. I came from a family of 4 elder bros, parents still married but living in Singapore.

Rite, so after we parted ways, I decided to think about wat was amiss in my tomato, bacon and toasted foccacia topped with a small mountain of salad. It occurred to me, much later that day that everything was kinda crispy in texture as the tomatoes were roasted (I like), bacon was crispy (back bacon, not streaky bacon), the toast and the salad. And the tomatoes didn’t provide much sweetness to contrast the salty bacon or the slightly acidic dressing of the salad.

So I decided to remake it myself and added roasted garlic to the foccacia, didn’t roast it, but left it fresh. So its nice and soft with the sweetness from roasted garlic. And a tab bit of 25yrs old balsamic vinegar to the tomatoes… It was wat I was looking for. Sweet success in 2010 already.

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