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Bao Xian Fei

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updating my profile, come back soon for new posts, updates and pictures. AnD 3rd Anniversary party at VICS, Beijing was  legen ... (wait for it)... dary!!!

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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
Raffi says :
great to party on Saturday and thanks for the hook-up on Sunday, it was a lot of fun!
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Photo 453287
明虎 许 says :
qu wo de xiang ce , li bian you hen duo zhao pian , tu pian de you shang jiao you ge xiao de "+" , dian ji hou tu pian hui da .
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
Patrick Lee says :
hahah welcome back man!! ya, that was fun...
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Wudi 97 wudi
di wu says :
it was great to see u again .. take care brother !!!
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