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Wushu during the Games

Finally, the most important event for Wushu gets started............Beijing Wushu Exhibition gets under way, and in the men's competition.....Zhao Qing Jian, from the Beijing Team with the gold in Dao and Gwun.......easily the elder statesman of Wushu, still dominates because he is Mr. Consistent..........his routines are not overly flashy, but rock solid, rarely does he make a mistakre or not stick a landing.

Zhao Qing Jian from the Beijing Team leads the Men's Team score 9.85 easily winning both Dao and Gwun on the first day of competition.

Hsiao Yung-sheng from Chinese Taipei scores a 9.50 in Daoshu........as always good to see that sports can transend politics.......!  Hsiao was seventh in the broadsword competition.

Pui Fook Chien from Malaysia takes second place in the Men's Nanquan division with a score of 9.72.

Sanshou Events also began with 5 gold medals at state.( Chen of USA vs. Yoon of Korea.)

I must also congratulate, Hong Kong Athlete Chen Chung Hang (Collin) for his impressive showing in both Dao and Gwun....taking a third place in both. Jiayo Collin!!  Collin is one of the young rising stars of Hong Kong and has done well in world competition.  He has spent most of his teenage years in China perfecting his wushu.

Olympics still going on of course, but it's exciting to have your own sport even close to the Games.  In a real upset.......the dominant US Softball Team lost to Japan in the Gold Medal round...............and of course that's why we play the game....you never know what might happen........congrats to the Japanese Softball Team!

China's Qian Zhonghua competing with the Epee in the Pentathlon......

Poster for World Wushu Exhibition.

Best wishes and luck to all the athletes at the Beijing Wushu Tournament!  Cya, all!!

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Baguabf 8d bryantfong
Yep, maybe we can keep softball afterall....lol....All of the videos on Youtube of the tournament unfortunately have been removed by them....what's with that??
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we were hang out last night and got drunk !!! hehe ...
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