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Weddings and Lions

Lion dancing gigs have been at an all time low......which is certainly due to the economy....when Lion Dancing picks up the economy will definitely be on the rise....a Lion Market!!  Never thought wushu could be used to measure the state of the economy....now you know!  Simu and I went to her cousin's wedding banquet......and what does he have for his banquet........a Lion Dance of course.  Featuring Chinatown's best Yau Gung Moon  Lion Dance Team under Sifu Lee Lok Sang.  It was good to see him and his troupe good as always.  But big surprise was while introducing friends and guest of the Family was to run into my Calwushu student Cathy....I didn't even know she was a good friend of the family.....the world gets smaller all the time!

Zen Penninsula in Milbrae was the site of Simu's cousin's banquet...very nice interior..and good food!

The Lion dance for the wedding was provided by Yau Gung Moon Kung Fu.  The Lions are greeting each other and the wedding guests.

Double leg Stacking...one of the nandu of lion dancing demonstrate balance and strength.

Congratulations and 100 years of bliss.......are the wishes on the scrolls for the wedding party.

Sifu Lee Lok Sang and the newlyweds.....thanks to Yau Gung Moon!!

The wedding dessert...............red velvet cupcake...really yummy!!

A surprise guest for me was Cathy.....from Calwushu generation 3.........a friend of the groom....very small world we live in........

Sort of off the topic but veery cool....I have just gotten my legal filings done...and the National Chinese Wushu Association is now a Federal and State Non profit Tax Exempt Organization......I am now a Charity that can raise money to support and promote the sport of wushu and do charitable fundraising.  So those of you who are ex-calwushuers and want to donate money to support Calwushu Team...you now have an organization to contribute to...just designate where you want the money to go to and we will administrate it.

In Taiji news........Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang is coming to California to teach Xin Jia Style of Chen Taiji...don't miss out!  Also, Taiji Festival coming in September.

Have a nice weekend!! Cya all!!

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Yep.....Kathy from the Quan Generation of Calwushu......small world indeed!
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