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Thanks to SF Wushu

I wanted  to thank all the members of Sf Wushu Team for taking the time out to drive down to San Jose to perform with the Shaolin monks.  It was a small but very enthusiastic audience. The InMat Tournament was attended this year by lots of beginners and little kids; really good to see young ones competing....they are the future of Wushu.  It may be obvious but without a large pool of kids and beginners wushu will go nowhere near the Olympics, much work needs to be done at this level.  Wushu still lacks local and regional competitions and professional judges, all necessary for an international sport.  China has spent too much time trying to organize the sport from the top down, Taekwando was successful because they did it from the bottom up. I also wanted to thank all the students for their generous donations to the Japan Earthquake Relief effort.  A few students brought up japan's role in China during WWII.......yes rather unfortunate, but times and people change......this is today and the world is different.  The Shaolin Monks also said because of things in the past we as Chinese Martial Artists need to show compassion and friendship.   The past we cannot change, but the present we all can make a difference! Again thanks to all!!  Happening this weekend is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, hope to see you there.  The SF Wushu Team will be performing on Sunday at 2pm....if you are around drop by!! Bye for now!!

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