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Taiji for Free

Well the life of a Wushu Coach unfortunately isn't all about travel. Now that I am back from Hong Kong it's time to work again.  City College program starts today!  Sort of thankful for that , if not for the College it would be hard to make a living.  The College provides a venue to teach, does free advertising, and pays a good salary.  It's made it possible to be a Coach...and it's not exactly like working in an office.  It' may sound trite but doing what you like is always the best job....money is overrated!!  Those of you near me who are looking for a Taiji Class....please try out the City College non credit courses.....they are Free!  Not too many things in this life are free...no strings attached...and you can attend four times a week if you want to, The classes are allover the City.  While I am proficient in many styles of taiji, I have found the best one to teach beginners is the

Sun Style Taiji, it in corporates Taiji, Xing-i and Bagua......but because the steps are derived from Bagua and Xing-i they are much easier on your back and knees.  This style however is rarely seen outside of Beijing, where it originated.  Sun Lu Tang who designed the style made it easy to apply.......it is very quick and lively............but also effective for health by incorporating the essence of Qigong in his Taiji.  Currently, this style is most popular in Japan where Madam Sun spent a good deal of time teaching.  Time for Class!  Cya all!!

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city college? u mean city uni? it would be nice!
about 15 years ago
Baguabf 8d bryantfong
Thanks for your comments!! Yeah, City college of San Francisco rocks!
about 15 years ago


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