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Subway and other places

Beijing has a complicated but efficent underground...can get you anywhere.....if you know what is going on.  So we took the Beijing Subway to Sihui East.......got out and visited a park out there......Master Chen Xiang met us there to work on Bajij Basics and 64 Chen........Master Feng's version incorporates Hun Yuan theory.......with the bcdy of .Taiji, and the techniques of bagua.  Movement must be relaxed and powerful........using the entire body to generate power.  Afterwards temperature started rising into the 90's.....it was time for some MacDonalds.....while I don't like fast food in general, I must admit the Spicy Fillete Chicken Sandwich is the bomb! So we went to Wangfujiang....had lunch then stopped off at the Wangfujiang Bookstore....picked up some really old Chen Taiji Manuals by Lee Mun-i and Hung Gwun Sheng......good to see China is making the old Masters forms available for us to see.....both of them died before I had the opportunity to  meet them.

We practiced in several different places with Master Chen including Di Tan Park.

It took us four transfers to get to visit Master Chen at his Park in Chaoyang Area.

Ben left us earlier for Zhengzhou.....it is the hub of the railway system in China.......he'll be back on Tuesday,,,,,,,,he was hoping to get to Shaolin and Loyang.  Richard and Glenn took me down to the bar in the school and we looked at the owner's wushu sword collection........really cool, swords from the Ching Dynasty......and then some over 2000 years old in bronze.  Contemporary Wushu swords have no historical value.....the old swords were folded and decorated with dragons and other animals.......the tassel was of sufficent weight to balance the sword...it had a solid jade counterweight!  Well its hot today so I am off for some ice cream..................Nestles ice cream drumstick should hit the spot!  Later!!

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