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Still Hanging Out

The second leg of our Star Wars Trek took us back to the Presidio to ILM......which I must admit had a lot more movie props and posters.....this is where all of the video editing is done. Lots of artists and projects going on here......So first order was to get our security passes while we were waiting Ely found a couple of familiar villans,,,,,

Ely gets done in by Darth..........

I am a fan of Bobo........as long as he's not hunting for me.....

But everyone's favorite has to be R2-D2.

And of course his buddy can't be far behind........C3PO.....

Though I thought these guys were pretty fun, but I thought the first one was better....but this  neat as it was an autographed poster.....

But Ely just has to side with the Evil side of the Force.......it's the vegetarian side of him....haha....

Ever wonder what happened to Jar jar Binks....easily Luca's most annoying character...well they Carbonized him!

But I thought the Street Art Festival they were having at the ILM Campus was the most fun...you get to see how many great artist there are....they were drawing right on the ground with chalk....

And since it is ILM...the topics reflected the place.....

It was also fun to see artist directing kids on drawings too....you never can tell one of them might turn out to be exceptional..........would be a great place for SJ Wushuer Kevan to do some art work!

Had a great time wanted to thank Kai for arranging this and making it possible.  Of course you can tell I am a fan of Star Wars.  I am curious to see what direction Disney will take things....I was sadden they cut Clone Wars,,,,,,but there are new projects on the horizon..so we'll see.

Have a nice day!

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