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Sign of the Times

Sign of the times.....business just disappear and jobs are hard to come by.  I was hoping to work this summer....but the State of California is in a big budget crisis....and the politicians are busy considering their political careers rather than fixing the budget....they would rather disagree and cost us a billion dollars a day!  I was hoping to work this summer....but no money for summer school......CCSF had to ask it's professors to volunter to not work a semester so we will have money to run the school...............so no Taiji this summer.  Then, the Berkeley YMCA, suspended my class ....not enough money coming in from the class........it's extra money people are now trying to save.  fortunately I got a part time lectureship at the University of East west Medicine...but the commute is a killer....I have to drive to Sunnyvale to teach.....a good one to two hour commute.

Vadim,Elise, and Debroah were some of my hard working Taiji Students at CCSF.  They were awarded special Taiji T-shirts on the last day of Class.

After class we all went out for lunch....so my students wanted to take me to the Prince Cafe in the Richmond District.  When we got there the Restaurant had gone out of business and a new one took it's place!  So instead we went across the street to A-1 Sushi.

Their Bento boxes are fabulous......less than $10 for all this yummy food!

Next Jason and I were off to San Luis Obispo to perform at Master Liu Yu's Taiji Exhibition.  A very kool event where she opens up her school and gives the community a Wushu show...she often invites other Wushu and Taiji Schools to perform.  so big surprise this year was to see Steven Kam and Justin Ho...old cal Wushu students, who are training with Madame Zhang Ling Mei.  Good to see you guys!!

This was at Liu Yiu's San Luis Obispo Taiji Exhibition.........going strong at over 15 years....and I have been to a good number of these events.  Here her students are performing 24 Yang style Taiji.

It was good to see the Cal poly Lion Dancers....they get better each year.

It was also good to see some old friends.  Madame Zhang Ling Mei was present...she was a member of the original China National Wushu team in 1976...that toured the USA during the Nixon Era.  Also, from generation 5 of Cal Wushu....Justion Ho...good as always to see strudents from the past! Madame Zhang, Steven, Norm, Justin, Liu Yu, and myself posed for pictures after the Taiji Exhibition.  Was good to see Steven and Justin still performing! Then it was time for potluck lunch....lots of food as you can see!

Later, in the evening it was off to dinner at Novo....sort of California cuisine...we spent some time discussing the future of contemporary wushu at dinner.  Liu Yu and I also discussed what it means to be a disciple.  As she just went thru the ceremony with Master Chen Xiao Wang..to become the 21st generation of Chen Taiji.  I have still to complete my discipleship..as I have just been accepted to become the 5th generation Master of Liang Zhen Pu Bagua.  so we discussed what responsibilities it comes with and what benefits and ceremonies do we have to go through.

Was the food good you ask?  You bet this was pork ribs!

Steak and potatoes!

Pork tenderloin!

One thing I will say ...it is so important to see old friends......it's hard for me to imagine that Liu Yu and I have been friends for over 20 years already.  It seems like just yesterday when I first met her after the World Wushu Invitationals in 1986 in Beijing. Wushu has been very good to me I have met so many great people because of it.  I am very happy to see Liu Yu become successful in her teachings, she has many great students and has done a great deal to promote wushu in Southern California.

Ok, time to take a break and get ready for Taiji! cya!

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