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San Jose Shaolin

This week ended with meeting with the San Jose Shaolin Monks.  They are planning along with the Chinese Performing Arts Association (CPAA) to host the International Martial Arts Tournament (InMat) on July 26.  Those who are interested in competing in this event need to get ahold of the registration form right away!  Information can be accessed on their website at: www.CPAAartscenter.com.  The advertisement for this event has been out, but there were no specfics for some time.  CPAA just moved into their new 6,000 sq. ft, headquarters, and they in addition to having dance productions now have their own Shaolin Wushu School.  I met Master Yu de Zheng, he was one of the Shaolin Temple's top wushu athletes, and was a champion in many Traditional Wushu Competitions, he just opened the new San Jose Shaolin Wushu Academy which is housed in the CPAA Facility....................  because of all the moving and setting up the new school............they are a little behind........so we gotta get the word out and get students registered for the competition! What's unique this year is that InMat will be held at the CPAA Facility at 6148 Bollinger Road, in San Jose........will put five rings in the school, and use the wushu rug there for the wushu events......should be interesting to see if we can actually get a few hundred competitors and parents into this facility!! 

This is the new CPAA Facility at 6148 Bollinger Road in San Jose, it will be the site of the next InMat Tournament on July 26.  This event used to be held at the San Jose Convention Center, this year we'll try to get everyone in here!

On one side of the main floor of the CPAA Facility is ths San Jose Shaolin Academy, under the direction of Master Yu.  The wushu studio as you can see has a wushu rug, the walls can be moved on the left side to make it one huge room.........there is even a stage on the left side.  This will be the site of the InMat Competition on July 26

Don't miss this event come and support your local wushu event........these events can only help to promote wushu and build friendship....cya there!  Also, congratulations to Ann Wu for opening the new CPAA Facility, and continued success with the CPAA Competitions.

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