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New Facilities for Tai Chi

While for now City College will survive the budget crisis in California...........it will be hard to say what will happen in the future as there is a projected $30 million short fall next year.  But for now, I am pretty jazzed as they have assigned me to a new site on the main campus. .......the Wellness Center.  Fortunately, the money for this building was allocated before the budget crisis......it is a beautiful facility........with workout rooms, basketball courts,dance studios and martial arts room.

My Tai Chi class on the main Campus is in the new Judo Room. They are working on their Yang Taiji Qigong and Sun Style Taiji forms.

The floors are padded, there are mirrors in front and bleachers on the side, and the walls in the back is one big white board....there's even an HD TV so you can video yourself or your students and then watch them later.

The student's here are at Everett Middle School practicing Chen and Bagua Qigong.  This also is a newly renovated site.  The Gym has been completely redone with new floors and lighting.  It really makes a difference when you have nice facilities to teach in, also the site at Everett is much easier to get to by public transportation, and has a huge parking lot.

If you are in the area drop by and visit and take a class!!


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