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More Wu and Shu

Wushu is the art of mastering oneself and being able to respond appropriately to any situation, to act as a law of nature without desire, personal gain, or animosity.  There are many interesting trends in wushu........one is to see it as the ultimate fighting art..........Grandmaster Sun Lu Tang, a famous Bagua and Taiji Teacher once said if you want to fight then get a gun...it's more effective....but if you want to improve your health then you should learn wushu.  Wushu while an art for self defense should  not be studied just for that........it is in fact an integral part of Chinese culture, and as such needs to be studied alongside literature, medicine, calligraphy, music and even chess.......those skills made one a total master of the martial arts.  Not only can you hurt someone you must be able to heal!  Another trend is the modern wushu training...which emphasizes physical training without the mental and philosophical training and understanding.  also, often ignoring the fact that wushu is suppose to improve one's health rather than hurt it.  Nandu routines ignore this fact completely.  One well known wushu coach told  me of many incidents with American Wushu Students who came up to him and told him what they wanted him to teach..............he said in China they would never allow a student to do this.......this happens I believe because wushu is being taught outside of the context of Chinese Culture which has a great respect for teachers and knowledge......humility is prerequisite for learning.    Finally, probably among students doing internal arts there exists a belief in nonviolence.....so many students don't want to learn weapons or applications.  The internal arts  are for health and spirit.  While generally true...wushu protects one's health .........thru excercise and self defense.  Weapons were used for self defense but are also to help you train your body's coordination and link mind and weapon.  Wushu is not mindless violence......which is why the achieving of mental calmness and physic centering is essential to good wushu.  Which is btw an arguement for long fist practioners to learn some internal arts...it will help with relaxation and concentration during the stress of  competition.  Another sort of related thought is that there is no more difficult form that will help you win in competition...in the end it is about you and how well you do it....100% or not at all........there are no secrets .....your effort is your  Gung-fu.  Both mind and body must be trained.....for the purpose of developing your full potential .....and eventually achieve enlightment!!   This only scratches the surface of what wushu is....not just about splits or how to throw a one inch punch........but truly something one can spend a whole life time studying to enrich one's life....a gem of Chinese Culture.  

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don think so. u cant always bring a gun wif u. it's mean to protect oneself. sometimes, ur hands are far better than a gun. of coz we cant neglect the health benefit of the martial arts.
about 15 years ago
Baguabf 8d bryantfong
Comment about the gun , merely means that fighting is not an art if that's all you are interested in...you don't need to learn wushu to hurt somenone...there r quicker ways..but if u want to improve your health that's what wushu is for ....the by product of which is self defense. Wushu is on ahigher plane than just mindless violence!
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Baguabf 8d bryantfong
Correct! The sword is to practice the no sword....it's for disciplining the mind.......to empty it and to move like the wind! The sword becomes an extension of ur Qi.......
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