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In the middle 80's I spent time in HK.........I was training in Shenzhen and Guangjow.....with Coach Wu Bin and Master Feng Zhi Qiang.  During the weekends I would go and hangout in HK,  the food in China in those days was bad.  I use to suffer from Mao's Revenge all the time, it made training not a whole lot of fun.  So I looked foward to HK on the weekends.....good food and HK TV...it was all the best.  Well having not been in HK for almost 20 years, I wondered how it had changed. First thing I noted was that things only go up here, not sideways...just too many people and not enough space.  Lots and lots of hotels.......tourism now a major industry, rather than financial business.  I stayed at the L-Hotel in Causeway Bay.  Nice hotel, good size rooms(for HK), staff speaks good English, located across from the Tin Hou MTR Station.  That proved to be quite convenient, as I could get anywhere in HK by merely going across the street and entering the subway.  HK's MTR is way better than BART.  It's clean and efficient.  Their Octopus Card allows you to travel everywhere, and can be used at MacDonalds!  Now that's kool! First thing I did was book a tour to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha.  Tour included going to Tsimshatsui to see the Walk of the Stars, Big Buddha, Tai-O Fishing Village, and a visit to the Po-lin Monastery. More next time......

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