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More Eating in Hong Kong

Cafe Eos on Electric Road in Tin Hou

Also on Electric Road is Cafe Eos.....nice very small British Style Food.....breakfast can be had for merely 50 yuan......it's a full breakfast set or pasta dish if you prefer.  Garlic bread with tuna fish spread...yummy!  But what I found the best was there milk tea (NaiCha)...they use a flavorful red tea with a light cream.  That's the way it should be made...too often the Chinese eateries like to use sweet condensed milk..it's way to heavy and sweet.  In any case, I recommend checking this area out if you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track for good inexpensive cuisine. 

I did also go to Causeway Bay to Times Square to eat and shop.  Lots of good places to eat there too.  But price is higher.  Two places I tried though were really good.  One was Red Ant, which is a HK style European Food......lots of good pastas and baked rice......price was reasonable, and I need to go back to try the rest of their menu.  The other place was Crystal Jade...which is in the Time Square Mall.....it has some of the best Shanghai food.  They wrap their wonton in a very thin and light skin in an excellent broth, it makes your mouth water!! Everything there was excellent...especially the dumplings.  Price was also very reasonable and the facility well taken care of, but you have to go early or it's really hard to get into.

I also went to have fire pot with Gao Song,Coach of the Hong Kong Team, that was very good , the food was fresh and the Sate dipping sauce heavenly........gave everything a zing!  We spent some time talking about the state of Wushu........well you know sooner or later, I must get to my favorite endeavor...but that's for next time!  A word for the San Francisco Bay Area.....Got Power?!  Hope everyone is dry and got their electricity back.  Cya!

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