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International Charity Work and other things

If you have been reading these entries by me, you will know that earlier this year I finally finished all the paperwork to become a charitable foundation.  I have been asked by the owner of Hunan Homes Restaurant in Chinatown to help raise funds for the relief effort in Taiwan for the survivors of Typhoon Morakot...........I know with everyone's busy life sometimes these kinds of disasters just slip into the background of the daily news and just get forgotten.  So if you would like to donate to the survivors there....and I assure you they do need lots of assistance to rebuild their homes there.....please send contributions to: National Chinese Wushu Association, P.O. Box 210159, SF, Ca 94121, and designate it for the Typhoon survivors...your contribution is tax exempt and you can deduct it from your income taxes.  We will be partnering with James, who is the owner of Hunan Homes.....(by the way the best Eaterie in Chinatown.......superb service and the best Hunan style food)..........., and our legal assistant Tim and the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Entire villages in southern Taiwan were washed away and hundreds were drowned by the floods that followed Typhoon Morakot.

Rescue teams have been having a tough time trying to rescue survivors, the devastation often in hard to reach areas of Taiwan.

In the Village of shiao Lin in Taiwan it is believed more than 500 people were buried by a massive mudslide.

Many of the areas flooded were difficult to reach rescue teams had to br sent in to save seniors.

Coast of Mainland china also hit by massive floods....here people are commuting by Dragon boat.

Japan also affected by typhoon Morakot.

Also, we will be helping to raise funds for the Buchanan YMCA in Japantown, where I have many of my Tai chi and Wushu classes.  The YMCA's goal is to raise $50,000 this year to help those in need of services and cannot afford it....that includes youth and adults.......in these hard times the Y can provide many services to the youth to keep them off the streets as well as to provide opportunities for those without income to still participate in community activities and to have a place to work out and maintain their health.  Again contributions can be sent to the same address and please designate it for the Buchanan YMCA.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give, it is appreciated by all!!  Cya all!

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