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Hunt for Gold

Well, as predicted Michael Phelps has won his eighth gold medal as the US men win the 4x100 medley relay in world record time.  Congrats to Phelps and the US Team!  Scary thing is Phelps is still young enough to participate in the 2010 Games in Great Britain......so more records could be still to come.  But age may not be a limiting factor as Dara Torres the 41 year old member of team USA wins a silver medal in the 4x100 relay in record US Time....they were beaten by a very good Australian Team.....who set a new World Record.  If you keep yourself in good shape and work hard you can achieve anything.....very inspiring........!!

Phelps and Teammates set a new World Record, and he becomes the winningist Gold Medal Olympian.

While the US Team fought hard they were to lose to the Australian Women.

Don't know what sport they won the silver medal in? How about the US Women's Fencing Team winning their first silver medal ever in world competition!

Thought I throw them in because sometimes we forget there are other sports to watch in the Olympics......too much of our taste is determined by the networks...........check out the Ping Pong and Badminton....or even the Tennis.....all undercovered events. Well, you might even note the American media....especially online will not list the results until after they show the events on TV.......Phelps win occurred long before it was reported on NBC.  NBC has a big tendency to be a homer.....showing mostly events Americans are good in...and very little of other countries competing in events ....that they are good at.

Chinese Women continued their domination in Ping Pong.......it's not the game we play in America at the Y.............it is fast and requires you to adapt to your opponent's play.

All right.....gotta hit the sack....little bit red eyed watching the Games....cya all!!

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Fencing has two events there is the sabre and the foil........the foil is the one we are uase to seeing very thin....sabre though is thicker and the techniques a little bit different.
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Ely.......you are right .....there is also epee....all European forms of sword fighting!
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