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Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang

I am sadden to announce that Grandmaster Feng passed away this weekend because of complications from pneumonia.  He was the last of the 18th Generation of Chen Taiji and is famous for his own creation Hun Yuan Taiji, a distillation of the teachings of his teachers Chen Fa-kor, and Hu Yaojun.  I have been Grandmaster Feng's student for over 30 years, he was both a great teacher and friend...he always treated me as one of his family...and advised me to always practice the Big Dao....be a good person he would say and your martial arts will be good....its never about who you can beat in push hands or how high you could jump.  My condolences and those of my students go out to the Feng Family..your father will be greatly missed.....

Grandmaster Feng and Xu Cai in November 2011, during Feng's 3rdInternational Hun Yuan Championships....over 1000 conference attendees at the group photo session.

Just before I was leaving Beijing I had a chance to see Grandmaster Feng as he came down to breakfast to greet participants at the Hun Yuan Taiji Conference.

Life is about contrast and change, things end,new things begin......on a happier note congratulations to Li Jing on the occasion of her marriage!!  A big jiayo and hug to her!! Best wishes and happiness to her!!


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