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Dragon Boat Festival

Hope everyone had a good Mid-Autumn Festival.  Our team celebrated by performing at the Dragon Boat races at Treasure Island.  It was a beautiful day...not even windy.

"What is Wushu?"  You would be surprised lots of people have never heard of Wushu!!

We began with Guan-bo Taiji and Hun Yan Chen Taiji Sword.  Guan-bo Taiji was created by Zhang Man Guang of the Beijing Physical Institute...it can actually be performed inside a telephone booth!

Many of our team mmembers have graduated and have going to college.  so our younger performers had to pick up the torch.  Vivian and her brother performing the Shaolin form Lien-bu Quan.

Ely performed his specialty the Hao Gun....Monkey Staff.

Alex one of our newer students performed Chang Quan.

Nicolas also rose to the occasion to perform Chang quan

Vanessa doing Long tassel Straightsword.........from a different angle!

Ben and I combined a little Taiji push hands with Bagua joint lock techniques.

Glenn and the boys showed practical application and fighting drills for Taijiquan.

The finale was our rendition of the Beijing Team Group Form.

Monkey and Mantis square off.

Ely  was quite busy...posed with Miss Chinatown...go Ely!

SF Wushu Team...new and old members!

After we got back, Percy was waiting to have lunch.  He dropped by to say good bye.....he was leaving for Singapore the next day, and will be working there.  We will definitely miss him.

Well, that's it for now............time to go watch some sci-fi............cya!!

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