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Counting down and catching up

Easy to loose track of things when there's a lot of time involved..........the Beijing Olympics is only three weeks away!  From students that just returned from Beijing, they said China is slowly getting prepared.......new buses and Taxi's are everywhere......and construction has halted........everywhere people are putting the final touches on buildings getting ready for the big event..........I think the Chinese people are quite proud of their accomplishments....questions is whether the government is ready to administer the games............often, nowadays the Party and the government of China is too slow to respond or has so much bureaucracy nothing gets done.  It's also, too bad that Wushu did not even make it into the Olympics as an exhibition sport.........well that just means there's alot more work to be done!!

Speaking of time, it's only one week to InMat....the Shaolin Monks Wushu Competition.......if you haven't registered ....do so!  Or you would like to judge please contact me!!  This event will be hosted by CPAA(Chinese Performing Arts Association) 0n July 26, at the new headquarters at 6148 Bollinger Road in San Jose. 

Last night, finished up my last lecture for the University of East West Medicine for this semester.  I have been lecturing on Taoism and it's influence on the development of Taiji Quan.  This is part of the new Master's of Taiji Degree offered by the University.  Anyone out there interested in making Taiji a carreer should contact me as the University will be recruiting syudents for the Fall Semester soon.

East West University of Chinese Medicine in Sunnyvale is offering a Master's Degree in Taiji.

Massage and Acupunture are also offered here to the public.

A view of the inner campus.

Another Olympic Coke Can!

Ah well time for class, more later.  Cya!

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