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Countdown to CMAT 21

     Just another week to go to CMAT 21.......hope you have registered if you want to compete!  If you have time to volunteer please help out....we need another 100 or so volunteers........this year CMAT occurs during the end of Spring Break....so lots of students not on campus to help. Plus you will get a shirt for the event, get to watch some of America's best Wushu athletes, and most important............we will feed you too!!

      For those of you doing the New Compulsories...do not miss the Compulsory Seminar Friday Nite.  Emilio and Matt who attended the training session in China will go over what judges are looking for, do not rely on the videos on Youtube...they were made before the final forms were approved by China and contain many mistakes.  Also, if you are going to Team Trials you should be present to get the rules for the Trials.  If you miss this seminar, it will be represented at the Collegiate Wushu Championships in San Diego in April.  If you miss all of these you will have to go back East and pay the handsome price of $250 for the same info!!  Also, kinda kool for me, the members of the US Team from the first Wushu Worlds will be getting together during CMAT...Andrew, Amy, Jason, David and Woody have confirmed they will be at CMAT!  Will be good to see them.......if I haven't seen you in a long time do come by and say Hi........in light of recent events, life is short and the most important thing you have in life is your health and your friends!

Here some pictures from our performances for Family Bridges in Oakland.........it took all day from 8:30am-3pm!!

It was good to have Antonio come out and dance with us...this was his first time under the head...Jiayo Antonio!

The kids all enjoyed Antonio's performance.......staff took pictures with the Lion.  When Antonio was at Cal I barely ever saw him..but now it is his second time back for grad school...he finally has time to do some Wushu and Lion Dancing.

Mars came out to help too.....plays a mean cymbals..........this was a Chinese New Year Altar at one of the Family Bridges Senior Centers.

These are some of the Fai Chun.....New Year wishes written by the seniors to wish everyone a great New Years......lets see how many can you read??

Well I hope if you are in the Bay Area please make an effort to stop by CMAT 21 this year!!  Especially ex-CalWushu Team members....you are all expected to be front and center!!

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