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CMAT 19 is over!

Yeah, it ended a week ago.......just takes awhile to recover!  Congrats to all my ...students...especially Melba who at a spry 73 wins her first gold medal in Taiji weapons competition.  Goes to show you can do anything you set your heart out to do!  Go Melba! This year was definitely smaller only 415 competitors...the economy certainly is taking its toll everywhere!  Also, big thanks to Jeff S. and his staff for doing a great job of organizing CMAT 19.  Didn't get to the After party this year...instead all the judges went out to have dinner at the Taiwan Resturant.  Some exciting news for those of you in SoCal...Li Jing and Li Ying will be opening a Wushu School in Temple City...so you want to be a Movie Star...better get in on some wushu lessons with one of Hollywood's top stunt women! 

Also, wanted to thank all the student's that contributed to the Japan Relief fund......your help is highly appreciated. 

And finally, hope no one out there fell for the end of the world stuff...the Rapture did not happen.  Too easy for the World to end by some Magical Intervention.......nope if the world is to end we will be the one's who will be ultimately responsible!

Just about three weeks left before we head off to China for some summer training...if you are there drop by and hang for awhile!

Ok, off to catch some zzzzzz"s!

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