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Changes for 2013

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  We had Chinese so Chicken and not Turkey!  But it was a nice day....then after that it was Black Friday Shopping.......haha, real crazy.......got some good deals tho...........

Coming for 2013, CMAT 21, the date is now confirmed for March 30, 2013..so mark that on your calendar.  Also, those of you that are competing in Nandu competition in the past,,,will need to make some major changes.  CMAT 21 will require you to compete with the new compulsory routines.  China has confirmed that these will be required for the next World Championships.  China is attempting to create two tiers of competition, nandu and compulsories.......so that there can be more fair competition and more countries able to win medals.  In the past, China just did not compete in certain events so other countries could win.......that's not at all satisfactory for an international sport.  Also, on Dec 9, there will be a seminar in Newark, at the  Legend  Kung-fu Academy on the new compulsories....it will be sponsored by Tiger Claw...so watch for announcements.  It will cover only the Chang Chuan and Nanquan routines, the Tai Chi routine will not be taught...as it is still basically a Nandu slo-mo Chang Chuan form....excellent way to get hurt!!  I have been told we can teach the routine without the Nandu...but for International Competition the Nandu is required.....Booo!!!

Finally, a heads up to students following my CCSF Tai Chi Classes....because of changes at City College, and attempts to cut the budget...all my classes will be moved to either the new Chinatown Campus or the John Adams Campus.  The Chinatown Campus was just completed...and should be a kool place to teach.......I am going to try and visit the campus soon so I can get some pictures!

Congats to some of my students who competed at the recent Carlos Navarro Martial Arts Championships........

Jackie won two gold rings, and Christopher won his first Silver ring......good job guys!!

And for Rhonda her first Tai Chi Grand Championship.......next to her is one of the judges...my Classmate from Tibetan White Crane, Sifu David DeJesus.

Well again, I hope everyone had a great holiday and got to hang and eat!! See you all!!

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