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Catching up

It has been a great year so far.  Since I did not plan to go to China this year everyone came from Beijing.  Latest, was my Senior Classmate Yang Shi Ming, he spent 8 days in San Francisco teaching Bagua Seminars, lots of topics including: Dragon Form, Dingshibazhang, Swimming Dragon(Linwanzhang), 64 Palms, Bagua Straight Sword, Kun Lun Fan, Bagua applications and Two Man Forms.  I am all Baguaed out.......lots of translations......got a good size head ache!!  But it was fun, and always good to see Master Yang.  He stressed one thing for good Bagua....good posture, and learning to be calm and relaxed....otherwise your bagua practice can become just external practice.....often true for Wushu athletes...it's easy to just copy the outside, but it's the internal practice that's important.  It begins with dingshizhang, learning to do the postures as Zhan Zhuang, then moving from there...each is an important step to mastering the art, until you realize the use do you realize a slight change in angle and shape of the technique can decide whether a movement is useful or not.   If you missed Tiger Claw's 20th Anniversary Celebration....shame on you...........you missed out on great demos and Tai Chi Day in San Jose.  Got a chance to see lots of old friends and see lots of the new wushu schools in the Bay Area Perform.  Thanks to Gigi, Johnny, Gene, Joan and all of the Tiger Claw Staff for a whole weekend of wushu activities.......they have really put out to help promote Chinese Martial Arts in the Bay area and across the United States. Congradulations on 20 years!! And of course it was 20 years for CMAT, 25 years for Cal Wushu and 40 years in Martial Arts.....so some great milestones this year!  Wanted to thank CalWushu for the recognition from the State Legislature and the San Francisco Board of Suoervisors....for service to the Bay Area Community.Cal Wushu continues to rock....by winning our 4th straight Collegiate National Championships.......congrats to the Cal Teams....especially to A-Team Captain Loren Chiu.......also for getting the all around  too!!  C Team...everyone thinks it just the CalWushu leftovers..........but no you guys are the bomb...again placing in the Team finals...good job!!Well, coming up in September will be the Dragon Boat Festival, and Tat Wong's Golden Gate Internationals......don't miss it please come and support if you are in the area!!  In the meantime everyone have a great July 4th!! Jiayo USA!!

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Coming: Sept 14 Mid-Autumn Festival Sept 15 Dragon Boat Festival Oct 12 4th Annual Golden State Chinese Martial Arts Champions

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