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Baiji coming to the Bay Area

Hey you all......been so busy haven't had time to do much.  Probably, the biggest thing on my mind is working on the accreditation of CCSF.....everyone has to pitch in to keep the College going.  It is the largest Community College in the United States with the largest part time faculty.  For teachers we have to do SLOs....student learning objectives and evaluations.....the Board needs stats......whoever heard of that in my time......but nowadays that stuff keeps schools open.....for the community we have to pass the various parcel taxes to raise money for schools.....its so ironic, when my parents moved to Berkeley in the 60's...California had the best schools in the nation and spent the most money on education....now California is last!  People got to wake up and not just think about themselves.  SLOs help the teacher to measure whether or not students are learning...actually good for Tai Chi gives us a tool to measure what we teach not just follow a method that has been handed down from tradition.  Will update this as time marches toward our deadlines.....

Important seminar coming up Sunday Oct 28, Master Chen Xiang, my Chen Taiji Classmate and the later Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang's top disciple will be giving a seminar on Hun Yan Baijiquan at the Buchanan YMCA. from10am-1pm.  The seminar combines the Chen Taiji Teachings with Baijiquan form.  In the past Chen Xiang and I have spent some time discussing how to generate power, we came to the conclusion that by using the Baiji forms with Hun Yan principles we can speed up the students ability to generate power.......this way you have an additional way to to reach the same goal......too often students are soft but have no real power or rely too much on physical power....Feng said one must let go of the physical in order to be able to generate the whole body power.  Feng himself was an innovator borrowing generously from his experience to create the Hun Yan principles......and if they are universal can be applied to all martial arts.  So don't miss out...its a reasonable $80 for the seminar.

Ok, its time to go.....Berkeley calls, anyway willl talk a little next time about Dragon Boat, Tat Mau Wong's Tournament, and the Tenderloin Mid Autumn Festival......unfortunately, some of my pictures are lost as I upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy 3......and forgot to backup......I always wondered why that was necessary.......but the Galaxy S3....is a kool phone.....fast and a great looking screen...haha, and bigger than the iphone 5!!  Peace!

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