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At the World's End

Guess what....the world did not end!! A student in one of my Health Classes asked: Why worry about health or practicing Tai Chi, the World is coming to an end....all of our computers, phones, etc will stop working and we are going back to the dark Ages.......the World will be hit by massive solar storms.....and it will happen as the Mayan calendar ends.  While doom and gloom scenarios are fun to speculate about...no one knows how the World will end....it will happen at some point when our Sun supernovas....but none of us will be around for that event.  Life goes thru cycles everything has a birth and a death........while we cannot control it we might be able to speed up the process.....by wasting our resources...having wars and doing violence to each other.  That's the reason Taoist have always believed the most important thing is to live each day as your last, that we you will live life to its fullest...enjoy everything around you, and everyone!

Besides all that.....Wushu still has to get into the Olympics before the World's end!!  China still trying to shoot for 2016 or 2020 for the Olympics....they have been told Wushu as a sport is too exclusively Chinese, the rest of the World cannot win medals.......and its true the rest of the world can win medals only in events China has chosen not to compete in.  So China now trying to introduce a two tier competition system, regular Nandu and now a revised Compulsory division.  The revised compulsory division is for all of us regular mortals......I had a chance to work with Emilio and Matt on the new compulsories.......thanks guys, and thanks to Tiger Claw for sponsoring the event.  The Nanquan form, is kind of fun,,,,rip off your opponent's head and then Nandu to celebrate!  This form was created by Nanquan Champ...Wong Gin Kwong....nice form.  The Chang Chuan form was created by a committee.....and it looks like it.....mish- mash of Cha Quan and Nandu Long Fist.  Tai Chi form unfortunately is still unacceptable,,,it still slow long fist with a Chen Tai Chi flavor.  The seminar in Fremont was fun and lots of young people....I only say that because I was the oldest participant,,,,,I am only 40years older than anyone there......

Lots of Bay area Wushu Athletes attended the New Compulsories Seminar held at the Legends of Kung-fu Academy in Fremont.

At the end Matt and Emilio answered questions on how the forms would be judged.

It was good to see Brenda, Lawrence, Michael, Stephanie.........everyone was quite excited by the new changes in Wushu, hopefully China continues down this path to make wushu more traditional and less of a gymnastic competition.

And of course thanks again to Emilio, Matt and To Tiger Claw and Gigi for making the event possible.

You might wonder what this picture is doing here.....well this was my dinner celebrating the end of the World....nothing better than a Lamb Shank...at Lakeside Cafe near City College!!

All right please enjoy your Holidays.....Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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