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Congrats to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council's Golden Jubilee anniversary???

An iconic Hong Kong night scene incorporating the city's unique culture inspired Alice's Asteria collection for her plate design to commemorate HKTDC's 50th anniversary.

The HKTDC 50th Anniversary Corporate Gift will be a limited gift item which their Directorates will present and send to overseas VVIP guests (such as Senior Government Officials, Consul General, top management of trade associations) at major events with an aim to also promote Hong Kong...Read more

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?Something sweet from Pacific Place!?????Let's see, taste, smell, hear and feel the warmth of the season at the Pacific Place together. Wish everyone have a magical and sensational Christmas!!!??❄️

pacificplace #ppchristmas #MyChristmas #FeelsChristmassy

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HongKong and Shanghai Hotels Limited- 150th Anniversary???

ThePeninsula #ペニンシュラホンコン

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Filled with love and joy today???I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! 心よりお礼申し上げます!

Japanese #fans

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Merry Christmas to everyone!???❄️⛄️?




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Chill with my sweeties at PANDORA CHRISTMAS 2016 "Love is All Around" Giant Christmas Bell Installation & Brand Exhibition at iSQUARE, TST. ???❄️⛄️?




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I love surprised gift!?驚喜的禮物,因為係聖誕節倒數月曆,12月1日開始打開,每天都有禮物收??,好開心啊!Thx KIEHL'S?

kiehlsHK #jeremyville #christmas

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good morning everyone! sorry to keep you waiting at my shop outside. Thank you for queue a line. おはようございます!申し訳ありません、私の店の外で待っていただきありがとうございます。行をありがとうございます。??

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This is Hong Kong?✨

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