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Beautiful scene in Tai O! ???水鄉的風景很美 Traveling with my new 3 way backpack☺️??? (3ウェイバックパック) バックパック、ショルダー、手さげ、と変化を楽しもう!

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要笑?口常開啊!? Keep smiling everyday? 皆さんが笑顔で日々を過ごされますように!

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ファンにとって祝福溢れて幸せいっぱいな、一年間で有りますようにお祈り致します。?今年も、どうぞ宜しくお願いします。??? Thank you so much for fans this most seasonal and traditional Japanese food and red pocket! Happy New Year to you and your family have a great year ahead! Kung Hei Fat Choi???

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Wishing you all the best in the year of Rooster?! 恭喜發財,祝大家雞年行好運!

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薔薇の花生き生きしていますね!?✨?✨ The roses are lively!

花 #薔薇 #rose #pink #玫瑰 #玫瑰花

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Delicious???美味しかった!Thank you so much ?Wish you good luck and good health in the year of Rooster!?

東海堂 #arome #北海道元貝蘿蔔糕 #北海道產貝柱の大根もち

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現在科技發達,今天收到日本fans親手寫的來信和相片,遠比起單單只說Like,給我一個emoji更有真實感!很喜歡可以在手上閲讀信件的感覺!感動中?我會珍惜每個給我信件的人,嘻嘻。 Press a Like button is quick but I prefer to receive a letter, it brings me warm and touching moment, especially from some fans who support and love me. Let's write a letter to someone you love or you supported.

japanese #fans #letter

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Continue to work hard of the customized amazing painting! It's a fabulous year definitely? filled with love and happiness?

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