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MGM Video Shoot Project

It was great fun working on MGM Casino Video project in Macau, having my own model and team! Great experience working with the top director Paul M. It was a long video shoot total of 18 days work.

First scene was Pool Scene very windy evening-

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Anniewho is Recruiting


Anniewho Production Ltd-PR Event Management the Casting department is searching and recruiting for talented people in different fields like singing, acting, modeling, dancing and others. Searching for perspective persons that could participate in different kind of projects like fashion show, print ad. Tv, photo, video, advertisement ...Read more

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Sensory Runway-Anniewho

Anniewho showcase at the E.V.E.N.T. Sensory Runway.

It was fun, however, I had another Video shoot in Macau I had to dash out after my fashion show.

Sorry for not able to say hi and photo taken with everyone, but thank you so much for those turned up and supported E.V.E.N.T. and Anniewho.

I hoped everyone enjoyed the show and Anniewho Collection. If you are interested in any of Anniewho Collection show piece, please send me an e-mail saleswho@anniewho.com...Read more

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Meet Anniewho in person

Dear Friends & Fans,

Come and join me up coming Sensory Runway Event at Cliq 20th August 2008 7pm. I will be there from 7pm-9:30pm. Please don't leave without saying hi & bye! I look forward to meet you all there.

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Perspective Magazine 40 under 40 Fashion Award

I was selected as the winner of Perspective Magazin e 40 under 40. Feature in currently issue!

I would like to thank you all my family, staff, friends and fans. I would like to say this again for everyone, if you believe it bad enough and work hard, you will get there, and never give up, believe in yourself.

Thank you so much to Perspective Magazine for the amazing party at THE PAWN, great interior Stanley Won...Read more

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Short Break to Japan

I have very busy not able add blog.

Early July I was able to take a short break to Tokyo, well actually 2 days business and 4 days break. Just love the food and the culture. In short time I was able to visit new cities, and found the best Japanese Curry Udon. However, it was hot, everyday it was like 32C which not common at that time of the year. Funny enou...Read more

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Diesel HK May 2008

What amazing Party! Huge! Love it!

Great to see everyone from Alivenotdead having fun!

Look out the Charlie's Angel!

The Gang!

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Join me and RE:FLEX at Cliq

Come and join me, MissyK and RE: FLEX for a fun night at Cliq.

27th May 2008


See you all tonight!

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Anniewho is feature in this May issue TIME OUT HK magazine.

Don't know where to eat, where to hang out in HK, TIME OUT Magazine is for you, another Local English magazine! Yeah!



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Relaxing Sunday

After a long week, is nice to walk around taking a breathe of fresh air. Took a short walk at the peak, the shortest trail.

Small but lovely water fall, to get some fresh idea for my coming designs.

Surprise surprise, right next to the water fall there is a little sculpture of a man holding the little baby.

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