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The Other End of Gun - Film Screening

I feel like Anniewho is turning to be a report writing movie review, oh no I dont want to be a ROTTEN TOMATO. Ha! Ha! However, I only write review on the good film.

Here I go:

Congratulations to Patrice Poujol's 1st short film in Asia tells the story of a highly trained female assassin paid to kill cheating boyfriends and husbands. Just the Film title got me interested to go to see the 1st Film Screening on 1st April 2009 at Philia.

Is a short film but is surely exciting, funny, sexy, suspense...Read more

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Anniewho Proudly Promote GONG WU rock band

Anniewho Production Ltd- Artist Management is proudly to promote the hottest rock band GONG WU in Hong Kong.

Who is GONG WU? Who are the 4 good looking sexy guys? Where they come from? Stay tune, I will tell you more about them in my press release next week.

Where you can meet them in person? You wont have to wait long. They will be performing live at THE FRINGE CLUB 24th April 2009 FRIDAY 10:30pm.

Is ver...Read more

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Johnson Lee interview by TVB Pearl air 31st March 2009 8pm

Anniewho as PR company arrange Johnson Lee the director of Citizen King to take part of TVB Peal Money Magazine  Interview which will be air on 31st March 2009 8pm on TVB pearl.

If you would like to hear more about Johnson Lee what he thinks about the HK Film and more about Citizen King. Dont miss out on TVB Pearl Money Magazine air 31st March 2009 8pm. 

Johnson Lee is Canadian Chinese, he is a multi- talented actor and 1st time director. He is a friendly down to earth, very confident...Read more

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Anniewho Birthday Party Bash 2009

Anniewho Birthday Party 26th March 2009 with friends & fans

Thank you for everyone turned up to the party, I hoped everyone pick up their little gift from Anniewho at the receiption on the night. If you would like to purchase more of Anniewho Jewellery you can visit ART IT IS in Causeway Bay.

Anniewho proudly promote GONG WU as one of feature performancer. Here I would like to thank you everyone for coming. And special thanks to the following sponsors:

Venue: Cliq - Cordelia Choy...Read more

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Citizen King

I was surprise to see such a film in Hong Kong.


Funny, Entertaining, Meaningful! Black & White Film, where you fill in your own colour. You may think his is crazy or you may think he is very talent. All he wanted was to follow his dream to get a role in Hollywood.

Citizen (Johnson Lee) hope one day he will be THE KING. The king of what?

A story about belief and dont give up.


Film in Cantonese & English (perfect for me, people like me not so fluent in Cantonese) with Chinese & Englis...Read more

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Catwalk Model Wanted

Looking for western female model for fashion show. New faces also welcome.

Requirement: 177cm or above

Please send Comp. card & mobile number to who688@gmail.com

Must be available for casting and fitting Monday 23rd March

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Anniewho Birthday Party with Fans

I would like to invite Anniewho Fans to my birthday party!

Anniewho Birthday Party with Special Guests GONG WU Band (they rock man), DJ Re:Flex & DJ Constant Lee

Venue: Cliq Hong Kong

2/F On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Date: 26th March 2009 (Thursday)

Door open for...Read more

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Anniewho is feeling better

It has been awhile! Anniewho is slowly coming back. I have been sick for past few months. During my resting time in the past few months I had time to think and learnt what is the meaning of life. I have been spending more time with friends and family. Doing volunteer work!

No matter how famous or  how much money you got. in the past few months I have realise that health comes first. In the past few years, I was only concern is about work, work and work, wasnt eating well and only slept 2 hour per day or not sleeping for 48h...Read more

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Meeting up with High School Mate

My Sydney high school friend I have not seen for 17 years, in town for visit. So much to talk about. And find out he is a DJ.

His first visit to HK, and I am the tour guide, well I try to be anyway. Going clubbing Friday nite LKF. Going to do the Peak thing and BIG Buddha! With this heat is not much fun, trying to stay indoor!

Khy Boogie profile - dj/promoter/beat digger/collector - has been djing and promoting events for the past 10 years in Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York in bars, clubs, pribate memne...Read more

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Style Magazine-Article on Anniewho

Anniewho feature SCMP style Magazine.


Read more

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