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After starting out in the UK for 3 years, Anil moved to Hong Kong to continue his career as a DJ. DJ Anil Ahuja has forged himself as on of the most loved spinmasters on the Hong Kong club scene. At the age of 17 he was already on his way, splicing and slicing beats, fiddling and turning knobs. Today he has defined his sound to a tightly mixed blend of tribal, iberican and progressive house - an infusion he dubs as "tribalgression".

His unique infusion of Progressive, Iberican and Tribal style has earned him a well deserved following amongst the punters of Hong Kong's club-land. Those who've experienced one of his "preferably long sets" have rated him high on the party-o-meter. This has earned him a seat at the table of Hong Kong's top spinsters, earning him respect from fellow DJs alike. "It (dj'ing) is such a creative outlet for me. I create the atmosphere on the dance floor and am able to transport people into my world of beats, rhythm and sound."

Dj Anil Ahuja describes a typical set as one of “intoxicating, tribal progressive sounds" akin to sets by his heroes Lawler, Presta and Digweed. This has earned him resident status at The Opera House in Bournemouth, England in 1997 as well as being an exclusive DJ for the Cocktail parties such as the "Nation V" Event (Phuket 2005) & Decadence in Hong Kong.

Now with a successful track record of over 13 years of being one of Hong Kong’s most followed DJs, Anil has consistently allowed his skills and openness to music to grow till today. He has expanded his music diversity and branched out into urban styles. With the club scene booming in Hong Kong, the demand for his unique performance and interaction with local audiences has been phenomenal. He has become a favourite at all key nightclubs such as Sugar, Club Aura, Cliq, Club JJs (Grand Hyatt), Q97, Beijing Club, Club Play and Evisu Bar.

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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, hindi
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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, hindi
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Hong Kong
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March 22, 2009