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I can fly,in my dream~~~I really can.

       Can u believe? I can fly in my dream !!  I really can. I fly whenever I want , hah~~~ It's not a lie. 

     If u have the same ability like me, just tell me ^_^



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you lie ...you only fly sometime....but for me, I can aways drool in my dream, no wait..thats reality
about 12 years ago
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Yes, I can as well. Since I was a child I often fly in my dream. I jump from a mountain and then....goooo or from the balcony of my house and then ....gooo.... Some pycologist say it expresses a deep need to escape from something or a need for freedom.. Ciao
almost 12 years ago
yeah, I can fly sometimes, it feels soooo free...I so wish I could wake up and do the same =P
almost 12 years ago
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you're welcome.......;)
almost 12 years ago
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i can fly too , dont forget that i am iron man , hahahaha !
almost 12 years ago
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me too.nice to meet you
almost 12 years ago
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yes .i can!
almost 12 years ago


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