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Taco Tuesdays!

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borntomove #youarexyz

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人要学会全身而退 勇往直前 不论男人女人 可以2一时 不能2一世

rawr #outcast ? #絕命逃亡

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9.26.2014. Me and #haydenchristensen go at it. #outcast ?

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Last night's recap... @etchymcetchy had a sip of sake. I was shocked. #yardbird 's food was so good, I have 2 burns on the roof of my mouth. I'm still drunk. ??

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虽然不能一辈子 但只要爱过 就是一生一世

Hugging it out. #抱抱 ??

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Repost from @alivenotdead

Please come out tomorrow night to @showhk to support our charity fundraiser party with @sharksavershk ! We are launching our joint #alivenotdead X #sharksavers poster series with an all star line up including @ana_r @andyonimal @ankiebeilke @alvingoh @jesscambensy & @kendysuen #venuswong and @playtimehk ! Thanks to #belvederehk , #fotopop #bannershop and #showhk for their support.

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Really wish I could do this when it comes to traffic.

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