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@bethanynoelm at #atm16 ! #allthatmatters #bethanymota @stephmcmahon

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@stephmcmahon__ from the #wwe at #sportsmatters at #atm16 #allthatmatters ! #alivenotdead

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JasperDonat talks #sportsmatters in #china?? see you at Sports Matters China in late November @missionhillschina ! #atm16 #allthatmatters #musicmatterstome #brandedhk

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Woohoo! #allthatmatters 2016 day 1! #marinabaysands #mbs @migmehq #alivenotdead @hkjaps #brandedhk #musicmatterstome #migme

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Join us for Music Matters Live and All That Matters 2016 in Singapore!

Since the early days of AnD we have been a supporter of Music Matters and the All That Matters Conferences.  In fact we were a partner for the very first Music Matters Live event in Hong Kong in 2010 as well (check out this video of a fresh faced kid named Robynn Yip who brought down the house with one of her first live shows).  We ...Read more

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Can't wait for the #2016sundancefilmfestivalhongkong ! #sundancehk ! See you at @themetroplexcinema on Sept 22! #alivenotdead #sundance2016

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Sundance Film Fest HK - 13 Independent Films Showcased, including Award-Winners and Hong Kong Premieres

The Summer HKIFF just ended last week, but HK-based film lovers don't need to worry, in two weeks we have another exciting festival coming up!  The 2016 Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong is coming from Sept 22 to Oct 2nd at the Metroplex Cinema in Kowloon Bay.  And of course alivenotdead.com is a media partner! (look for the banners at the top of the page when you are browsing through AnD.

Here's their press release -

...Read more

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Oh snap it's @tsoukalos from #AncientAliens and @michliggayuofficial at #HistoryCon in Manila! Thanks to @historyasia and @migmehq for making this possible! #historycon2016 #migmePh #michliggayu #alivenotdead

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Hardest working man in show business, AnD artist #SimonYin aka @yintertainment tearing it up on stage at #HistoryCon in Manila ! He can add world record breaking burger contest MC to his resume now! #alivenotdead #migme #migmeph @historyasia

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'Attention documentary fans! we want to let everyone know about the Chinese documentary film festival 2016!'

Chinese Documentary Festival 2016 ** Opening in September** 

The Chinese Documentary Festival will officially begin on 9 September, tickets are now available. Topics of films this year are unique and riveting. Films from China address the roots of social issues, showcase the current situation of the Chinese society, and expose different facets of human nature. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese works gently showcase stories of soc...Read more

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