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We want to take you to Hawaii with us! | 想帶你一起去夏威夷!

You have probably already seen the promotion running across the top of the [alive not dead] homepage. This is our first of what we hope to be many giveaway opportunities to bring our [alive not dead] fans in touch with our artists.

| 你可能已經從[alive not dead]網頁上看到了正在進行的這個活動。我們組織這次活動是為了給[alive not dead]粉絲跟藝術家們近距離接觸的好機會。| 你可能已经从[alive not dead]网页上看到了正在进行的这个活动。我们组织这次活动是为了给[alive not dead]粉丝跟艺术家们近距离接触的好机会。

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Ani-Com day 2 -- Now, with cosplay! | 動漫節第二天—這次有Cosplay!

Patrickand Terenceled a big group of over fifteen volunteers on Day One and handed out over 2000 fliers letting people know about [alive not dead]. Stephenand Ericon Day Two brought a smaller group of nine volunteers on Day Two, but it wa...Read more

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Ani-Com Day One... | 動漫節第一天…

The 9th annual 'Ani-Com' (Anime and Comics) / Game Fair convention is now underway in Hong Kong!  Its quite a big event that covers many different areas of pop culture - over the 5 day event they're expecting 500,000 attendees from all spectrums (anime fans, cosplayers, video game fans, comic book readers, toy collectors, 'otaku' etc). It takes up a floor in the HK Convention Center and is full of demo booths, vendor areas and a stage area featuring many performers throughout the day.

The first day j...Read more

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Browse through 12,000 members on Alive Not Dead | 慶祝Alive Not Dead註冊會員突破12000人!| 庆祝Alive Not Dead注册会员突破12000人!

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We've launched a new section on Alive Not Dead, our Members area. This is to celebrate our 12,000 members who have created profiles on Al...Read more

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Find more artists... and blog like the wind | 找到更多藝術家…使用blog象風一樣自在 | 找到更多艺术家…使用 blog象风一样自在

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One of our main goals here at [alive no...Read more

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Find friends and be SAFE | 搜寻好友,安全加倍 | 搜尋好友,安全加倍

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We have lots of new improvements to show you on Alive Not Dead. We've been working hard for the past month to add new features that will help keep the community fun and SAFE but also help you find and add new friends.

The NEW Find and Invite your friends feature First,...Read more

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"Way Too Long" music video

If you haven't checked out Hong Kong local band, Audiotraffic, then you're in for a real treat. Their latest video has just been released on [alive not dead] and it's a collaboration between several great artists here on our community. It's directed by local Hong Kong-born filmmaker Kit Hui and st...Read more

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Blog safely! A new "autosave" feature and other site improvements|Blog安全啦!新推出的”自動保存”功能和其他改進

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Admin has been a BUSY BEAR! We've been cooking up a bunch of new improvements and there are two features which I think will make your time on Alive Not Dead alot easier.

First, we've setup a new "autosave" feature. If you've blogged for a long-time, then you know how frustrating it is to accidentally lose a blog entry becau...Read more

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Improvements to the interface and settings | 首頁面板和設定的修改|首页面板和设定的修改

We've been working hard here at Alive Not Dead and listening to your comments as well as gather our own ideas about how to make the site easier to navigate and use on a daiily basis. I wanted to introduce some recent changes that we've made.

First, we've simplified the "User Panel" which you'll see on the righthand side of t...Read more

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We're looking for an all-star programmer | 我們正在招募一個全明星程序員 | 我们正在招募一个全明星程序员


中文] Hi there, everyone. Alive Not Dead is looking to expand our team and bring on a much-needed, all-star programmer to help improve and build out the site. If you're a web programmer or know of one who is looking for a great position at a fun, growing company, please let us know. Let your qualified friends and acquaintances know as well. If you want to help us publicize this job post on public forums/post boards, feel ...Read more

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Hi, I am Admin Bear and this is the alivenotdead.com company blog. hi,我是小編熊仔,這是 alivenotdead.com 公司的博客

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