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  • 2013 Hong Kong Film Awards Results

    Monday, Apr 15, 2013 12:00PM / Standard Entry

    Hope you got a chance to see our video and red carpet video from the 32nd Annual HK Film Awards. If not please click here.   BTW - Full results at the bottom!

    Now we'd like to share some of our pictures taken inside the hall for the ceremony.  The HKFA was kind enough to give us a seat in the press zone.  

    This year featured a multifaceted LED screen covered backdrop.

    Two of the early winners, Best New Performer, Alex Tsui (Cold War) and Best New Director Chow Hin Yeung.

    Because this was a live broadcast to TV,  while the commercial breaks were going on, they played film trailers for the all-star audience.  In case you haven't seen it yet, check it out:

    Sammi Cheng stands to acknowledge her 'Best Dressed' award.

    Gigi Leung announcing the winner of Best Supporting Actress.

    The winner was Dada Chen for the film 'Vulgaria'.  She was in tears as immediately once the results were announced.

    After a few minutes she regained her composure

    Legendary director Wong Kar Wai making a special award presentation

    Ronald Cheng won Best Supporting Actor for 'Vulgaria'

    Stephen Fung presented an award as well.

    "Heavenly King" Jacky Cheung performed his Best Original Film Song nominated theme song to the film 'The Last Tychoon'.  Worth the price of admission just to get a free live performance by one of the best Hong Kong singers of all time.

    The song went on to win the award later in the night.  Here's Jacky back up on stage with Leon Ko and Chris Shum who were the composer and lyricist. 

    Award presenter Mavis Fan, who was one of the best dressed on the red carpet changed from white to teal for the ceremony itself.

    A special musical performance withvideo montage marked the 10th anniversary of the passing of Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, two HK film (and music) stars who passed away within a few short weeks of each other in 2003.  Some of their classic scenes together in various movies were played on the screens as life orchestra performed.

    Jackie Chan and He Jun won the Best Action Choreography award for 'CZ12'.

    Aaron Kwok presenting the Best Director award.

    Codirectors Longman Leung and Sunny Luk won for the film 'Cold War'.

    Not to be outdone by supporting actress winner's tears,  Miriam Yeung also let the tears flow when she won Best Actress for her role in 'Love in the Buff'.

    The Best Actor award was presented by Anthony Wong and Deanie Ip.

    Tony Leung Ka Fai became a 4 time Best Actor winner with this win for his role in 'Cold War'.

    Carina Lau and Andy Lau presented the final award of the night, Best Picture.

    Cold War won for Best Picture (and also won Best Screenplay and several technical awards as well).  A large group of producers, the two directors and much of the lead cast took the stage for a final speech. 

    Sorry for the marathon # of pictures for everyone.  The show itself was quite a marathon! 4 hours just for the show, not including the 2 hours of red carpet beforehand!

    Here's the final results, courtesy of the HKFA Association:

    獎項 候選者 得獎者

    Best Film
    1. 低俗喜劇Vulgaria
      出品:太陽娛樂文化有限公司 Presented by:Sun Entertainment Culture Ltd
      監製:彭浩翔、梁啟緣 Produced by : Pang Ho Cheung, Subi Liang

    2. 車手Motorway
      Co-presented by:Media Asia Films Ltd, Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd
      監製:杜琪峯 Produced by:Johnnie To Kei Fung

    3. 消失的子彈The Bullet Vanishes
      Co-presented by:
      Emperor Film Production Co Ltd, Le Vision Pictures Co Ltd
      Produced by : Derek Yee Tung Sing, Mandy Law Hiu Man

    4. 逆戰The Viral Factor
      Co-presented by:Emperor Motion Picture Ltd,
      Beijing Universe Starlight Culture Media Co Ltd,
      Huayi Brothers Media Corporation
      Produced by:
      Candy Leung Fung Ying, Albert Lee, Solon So Che Hung, Wang Zhonglei

    5. 寒戰Cold War
      Co-presented by:
      Edko Films Ltd, Sil-metropole Organisation Ltd, Irresistible Delta Ltd
      Produced by:Bill Kong, Matthew Tang Hon Keung, Ivy Ho, Catherine Kwan


    Best Director
    1. 鄭保瑞(車手)Soi Cheang (Motorway)
    2. 彭浩翔(春嬌與志明)Pang Ho Cheung (Love In The Buff)
    3. 羅志良(消失的子彈)Lo Chi Leung (The Bullet Vanishes)
    4. 林超賢(逆戰)Dante Lam Chiu Yin (The Viral Factor)
    5. 梁樂民、陸劍青(寒戰)Longman Leung, Sunny Luk Kim Ching (Cold War)


    Best Screenplay
    1. 彭浩翔、林超榮、陸以心(低俗喜劇)
      Pang Ho Cheung, Lam Chiu Wing, Luk Yee Sum (Vulgaria)
    2. 彭浩翔、陸以心(春嬌與志明)
      Pang Ho Cheung, Luk Yee Sum (Love In The Buff)
    3. 羅志良、楊倩玲(消失的子彈)
      Lo Chi Leung, Yeung Sin Ling (The Bullet Vanishes)
    4. 梁樂民、陸劍青(寒戰)Longman Leung, Sunny Luk Kim Ching (Cold War)
    5. 麥兆輝、莊文強(聽風者)
      Alan Mak Shiu Fai, Felix Chong Man Keung (The Silent War)


    Best Actor
    1. 張家輝(大追捕)Nick Cheung Ka Fai (Nightfall)
    2. 杜汶澤(低俗喜劇)Chapman To (Vulgaria)
    3. 劉青雲(消失的子彈)Lau Ching Wan (The Bullet Vanishes)
    4. 梁家輝(寒戰)Tony Leung Ka Fai (Cold War)
    5. 梁朝偉(聽風者)Tony Leung Chiu Wai (The Silent War)


    Best Actress
    1. 周迅(大魔術師)Zhou Xun (The Great Magician)
    2. 楊千嬅(春嬌與志明)Miriam Yeung (Love In The Buff)
    3. 鄭秀文(高海拔之戀II)Sammi Cheng (Romancing In Thin Air)
    4. 江若琳(高舉‧愛)Elanne Kwong (Love Lifting)
    5. 周迅(聽風者)Zhou Xun (The Silent War)


    Best Supporting Actor
    1. 鄭中基(低俗喜劇)Ronald Cheng Chung Kei (Vulgaria)
    2. 廖啟智(消失的子彈)Liu Kai Chi (The Bullet Vanishes)
    3. 林家棟(寒戰)Lam Ka Tung (Cold War)
    4. 杜汶澤(華麗之後)Chapman To (Diva)
    5. 萬梓良(懸紅)Alex Man (The Bounty)


    Best Supporting Actress
    1. 邵音音(低俗喜劇)Susan Shaw (Vulgaria)
    2. 陳靜(低俗喜劇)Dada Chan (Vulgaria)
    3. 江一燕(消失的子彈)Jiang Yiyan (The Bullet Vanishes)
    4. 金燕玲(逆戰)Elaine Jin (The Viral Factor)
    5. 范曉萱(聽風者)Fan Hsiao Shuan (The Silent War)


    Best New Performer
    1. 張藍心(十二生肖)Zhang Lanxin (CZ12)
    2. 馮文娟(大上海)Joyce Feng (The Last Tycoon)
    3. 袁曉超(太極)Jayden Yuan (Tai Chi)
    4. 徐家傑(寒戰)Alex Tsui (Cold War)
    5. 沈震軒 (喜愛夜蒲2) Sammy Sum Chun Hin(Lan Kwai Fong 2)


    Best Cinematography
    1. 劉偉強、關智耀(大上海)
      Andrew Lau Wai Keung & Jason Kwan (The Last Tycoon)
    2. 陳志英(消失的子彈)Chan Chi Ying (The Bullet Vanishes)
    3. 謝忠道(逆戰)Kenny Tse (The Viral Factor)
    4. 關智耀、謝忠道(寒戰)Jason Kwan & Kenny Tse (Cold War)
    5. 潘耀明(聽風者)Anthony Pun Yiu Ming (The Silent War)


    Best Film Editing
    1. 邱志偉(十二生肖)Yau Chi Wai (CZ12)
    2. David Richardson、梁展綸(車手)
      David Richardson & Allen Leung Chin Lun (Motorway)
    3. 鄺志良、陳忠明(消失的子彈)Kong Chi Leung & Ron Chan (The Bullet
    4. 鍾煒釗(逆戰)Chung Wai Chiu (The Viral Factor)
    5. 鄺志良、黃海(寒戰)Kong Chi Leung & Wong Hoi (Cold War)


    Best Art Direction
    1. 奚仲文、林子僑(大上海)Yee Chung Man & Eric Lam Che Kiu (The Last
    2. 葉錦添(太極)Yip Kam Tim (Tai Chi)
    3. 劉世運(血滴子)Lau Sai Wan (The Guillotines)
    4. 張世宏、李健威(消失的子彈)Silver Cheung & Lee Kin Wai (The Bullet
    5. 文念中(聽風者)Man Lim Chung (The Silent War)


    Best Costume & Make Up Design
    1. 奚仲文、戴美玲(大魔術師)
      Yee Chung Man & Jessie Dai Mei Ling (The Great Magician)
    2. 葉錦添(太極)Yip Kam Tim (Tai Chi)
    3. 吳里璐(血滴子)Dora Ng Li Lo (The Guillotines)
    4. 張世傑(消失的子彈)Stanley Cheung (The Bullet Vanishes)
    5. 文念中(聽風者)Man Lim Chung (The Silent War)


    Best Action Choreography
    1. 成龍、何鈞(十二生肖)Jackie Chan & He Jun (CZ12)
    2. 洪金寶(太極)Sammo Hung (Tai Chi)
    3. 錢嘉樂、黃偉輝、吳海堂(車手)
      Chin Ka Lok, Wong Wai Fai, Ng Hoi Tong (Motorway)
    4. 林超賢、錢嘉樂、黃偉輝、吳海堂(逆戰)
      Dante Lam Chiu Yin, Chin Ka Lok, Wong Wai Fai, Ng Hoi Tong (The Viral Factor)
    5. 錢嘉樂、黃偉輝(寒戰)Chin Ka Lok & Wong Wai Fai (Cold War)


    Best Original Film Score
    1. 陳光榮、陳致逸(大上海)Chan Kwong Wing &Yu Peng (The Last Tycoon)
    2. 泰迪羅賓、韋啟良(消失的子彈)
      Teddy Robin & Tomy Wai Kai Leung (The Bullet Vanishes)
    3. 金培達(寒戰)Peter Kam Pui Tat (Cold War)
    4. 林二汶、李端嫻(華麗之後)Eman Lam & Veronica Lee Duen Han (Diva)
    5. 陳光榮(聽風者)Chan Kwong Wing (The Silent War)


    Best Original Film Song
    1. 定風波(大上海The Last Tycoon)
      作曲:高世章Composer:Leon Ko
      填詞:岑偉宗Lyric:Chris Shum
      主唱:張學友Sung by:Jacky Cheung

    2. 刀鋒偏冷(血滴子The Guillotines)
      作曲:周杰倫Composer:Jay Chou
      填詞:方文山 Lyric:Vincent Fang Wen Shan
      主唱:李宇春 Sung by:Li Yuchun

    3. DoReMi(高海拔之戀II Romancing In Thin Air)
      作曲:羅大佑Composer:Lo Tayu
      填詞:林夕 Lyric:Lin Xi
      主唱:鄭秀文 Sung by:Sammi Cheng

    4. 戀無可戀(喜愛夜蒲2 Lan Kwai Fong 2)
      作曲:方皓玟Composer:Charmaine Fong
      填詞:林夕 Lyric:Lin Xi
      主唱:古巨基 Sung by:Leo Ku

    5. 追風箏的風箏(華麗之後Diva)
      作曲Composer:Davy Chan & C.Y. Kong
      填詞:林夕 Lyric:Lin Xi
      主唱:容祖兒、林欣彤Sung by:Joey Yung & Mag Lam


    Best Sound Design
    1. 曾景祥(血滴子)Kinson Tsang (The Guillotines)
    2. 朱致夏、Steve Miller(車手)Benny Chu & Steve Miller (Motorway)
    3. 鄭穎園(消失的子彈)Phyllis Cheng (The Bullet Vanishes)
    4. 曾景祥(逆戰)Kinson Tsang (The Viral Factor)
    5. 曾景祥(寒戰)Kinson Tsang (Cold War)


    Best Visual Effects
    1. Han Young Woo、黃宏達、崔百全、Seong Ho Jang(十二生肖)
      Han Young Woo, Victor Wong, Patrick Chui, Seong Ho Jang (CZ12)
    2. 鄒志盛、何培堅、吳炫輝、老A(太極)
      Chas Chau Chi Sing, Kim Ho Pui Kin, Ng Yuen Fai, A Law (Tai Chi)
    3. 黃宏達、余天龍(血滴子) Victor Wong & Darkus Yu (The Guillotines)
    4. 羅偉豪、張展榮(車手)Law Wai Ho & Hellowing Cheung (Motorway)
    5. 鄭文政(寒戰)Cecil Cheng (Cold War)


    Best New Director
    1. 周顯揚(大追捕)Chow Hin Yeung (Nightfall)
    2. 謝立文(麥兜噹噹伴我心)Brian Tse (The Pork Of Music)
    3. 馮志強(懸紅)Fung Chih Chiang (The Bounty)


    Best Film From Mainland
    And Taiwan
    1. 一九四二 (Back To 1942)
    2. 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf‧Bf)
    3. 失戀33天 (Love Is Not Blind)
    4. 畫皮II (The Resurrection Painted Skin)
    5. 愛Love (Love)

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Professional Achievement Award


  • 2013 Hong Kong Film Awards Red Carpet!

    Sunday, Apr 14, 2013 2:00PM / Video / News and information

    Hong Kong film fans are very lucky,  just a few weeks after the HK International Film Festival and Asian Film Awards we have the Hong Kong Film Awards, now in the 32nd year.  Last night the stars of Hong Kong and China film came out in force!  alivenotdead.com was lucky enough to get onto the red carpet and we've put together some pictures and a short highlight video of the event.  Lot's of beautiful actresses and handsome leading men! Check them out!

    Video: http://youtu.be/SPO3ffXIxQY

    Youku Link is here:
    Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTQyNTk1Nzg4.html

    In case you didn't recognize anyone, here's a 'who's who' in our Hong Kong Film Awards 2013 Red Carpet Coverage!  Who's outfit is the most stylish?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think.  Of course we'll link to each artist's AnD page (for those who have one) so you can leave them a guestbook message too. ;-)

    Ronald Cheng,Gordon Lam, Eric Tsang and Jerry Lamb,  the MCs for the awards this year.

    Best Song nominee composer and alive official artist Charmaine Fong with best new actor nominee Sammy Sum.

    Taiwan singer and best supporting actress nominee Mavis Fan, in one of the best received outfits of the evening (apparently voted #1 online too)

    Elanne Kwong, nominee for best actress

    Dada Chen, who won for best supporting actress for her role in the critically acclaimed "Vulgaria" along with costar Hiro Hayama.

    AnD official artist Philip Ng, along with Michelle Hu and prolific Producer / Director Wong Jing.

    Nick Cheung, nominated in the Best Actor Award

    Tony Leung Ka Fai, who took the Best Actor award for his role in "Cold War"

    Janice Man, who presented an award this night

    Gigi Leung, who presented the Best Supporting Actress award

    Power couple Karina Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who was nominated in the Best Actor category.

    Jackie Chan's film "CZ12" (Chinese Zodiac 12) was nominated for several awards and AnD official artist Zhang Lanxin was also nominated for "Best New Performer" for her role in the film.

    In case you've missed her alive artist profile page, or our previous blogs introducing her,  Zhang Lanxin is a former Taekwondo champion in China and also a model. 

    Bonus AnD surprise,  Beijing artist Vivian Shi was in town to cover the event for LeTV.

    We managed to catch some of the big names stars who came last down in the interview area as well -

    Anthony Wong, who presented an award.

    Sammi Cheng who was nominated for Best Actress and also won a best dressed award

    Deanie Ip and Andy Lau, who presented Best Picture.

    Last but not least,  superstar Aaron Kwok.

    Admin Bear is tired from staying up all night putting that video together, but he promises he'll upload some of his photos from the show tomorrow. (unfortunately because of TV broadcast rights, we couldn't shoot video in the theater during the awards, only pictures).

    Who was your "Best Dressed" Star? (or "Worst Dressed"?)  Please comment and share!


  • Congrats to first time mother Lisa S!
     |  |  )

    Friday, Apr 12, 2013 11:48AM / Standard Entry

    We have always viewed the AnD community like an extended family.  Over the years since we've started alive that family has grown as some of our artists and users have gone on to start families of their own.  This includes our cofounder Daniel Wu and his wife Lisa S,  who are expecting their first baby in a few more weeks.  (In case you missed the initial announcement,  here's Daniel's blog breaking the news last December).

    Lisa recently did a video for Frisomum, talking about her experience as a first time mother.  Please check it out, its wonderful to see her enthusiasm for this new chapter in her life! 


    You can check out all the videos and updates from Lisa on their website -

    Best wishes for Lisa and Daniel and we hope to share more wonderful news like this about our extended AnD family for years to come!


  • HKUST Band Society "Bandaholic" Annual Performance
     |  |  )

    Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013 12:38PM / Standard Entry

    AnD is always happy to support local musicians around the world, especially in Hong Kong where our home base is.  One of the best opportunities for new and up and coming bands to gain performance and experience is through band events organized by our local universities.   The Band Society at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will have an exciting band event on May 4th.  Check out the flier and press announcement below:

    We are all imbued with similar beliefs; we are all tied down to certain unclaimed rules; we are all having similar ways of living. You can choose to merely accept all of these, or to free yourselves from the emotions which have been suppressed for long!

    4th May, 2013 the Hang Out
    Dare to love band sound! Dare to let go!

    P.S. Lucky draw will be held after the band show. Keep the stub of the ticket and win Shure SE535 Special Edition Sound IsolatingTM Earphones($3900)或Shure SRH1440 Open Back Headphones($3188)!!
    Date: 4th May (Sat)
    Time: 7:00pm
    Venue: the Hang Out(2, Youth Outreach Building, Holy Cross Path, Sai Wai Ho, HK)
    Performing bands:
    -Ignite The Hope
    -Daybreak On Monday
    -Soul of Ears

    Ticket price:
    $100 (for HKUST band soc member)
    $110 (for non-member)
    $120 (walk-in)

    Points of purchase:

    1. Counters inside campus

    2. Tom Lee music Tsim Sha Tsui outlet

    3. Deposit the amount into the following bank account, and then send the email with following format to ‘[email protected]’ (with title of 'Payment : 2013 BandSoc AP').
    - name of the contact person
    - contact number
    - email address
    - number of tickets
    - attachment: - copy of deposit slip

    Please be reminded that you have to bring along with your deposit slip on the event day!!

    Account number: 361-326481-668 (Hang Seng Bank)
    Name of account holding person: Tam L** Y**
    4. Walk-in

    More details and updates here: http://www.facebook.com/events/363509047095697/

    Always happy to support Ignite the Hope, Jukator, Killer Soap and all the other bands performing!  See you there!


  • Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2013

    Tuesday, Apr 9, 2013 7:00PM / Standard Entry

    We've mentioned in the past that AnD benefited greatly from our time in the Incubation program at Hong Kong Cyberport.  So we're always happy to help promote their relevant events:

    Cyberport's Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2013 (DELF 2013) is a signature event featuring world-class and local leaders/speakers in digital entertainment industry. With the theme of "Pushing the Limits of Digital Entertainment with Cutting Edge Technology", DELF 2013 is dedicated to showcase the work of key individuals who are harnessing IT and driving innovation in digital media content and to discuss coming trends that will continue to redesign and reshape our future digital media entertainment experience.

    International and renowned speakers are invited to Hong Kong to share their insights, expertise and experiences in the global digital entertainment market with industry practitioners and IT professionals.

     Get more details here:



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