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Warren Tricomi

Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren chatting in the beauty atrium of their Greenwich location. The first time I crossed paths with Joel Warren was brief. Just a handshake. A "hello, nice to meet you."

I was on my way out of a meeting and he was on his way into a meeting. I might have handed him my business card. I don't remember.

Meeting the "something" of "something," face to face is always intriguing. Putting a well known name to a face is, for lack of better words, cool. It's not really about being star struck for me. It's more about being a little bit surprised. Because, well... who grows up thinking, "One day, I'm going to shake hands with Big Bird?"

Roughly a month later I received an invitation to take a little day trip to Warren Tricomi Greenwich for a day of fashion and beauty. What else was I supposed to say... but, "Of course."

I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere.Edward (The Tricomi) likened Warren Tricomi salons to "nightclubs where you go during the day."There were two lovely models demonstrating how to combine makeup, hair, and apparel trends for complete looks. Another resident beauty duo Piret & Tamara. Makeup looks were created using products from Piret & Tamara's well edited, no-fuss line.Piret of Piret & TamaraBeauty always starts with the skin.Mathilde Thomas, the very lovely creator of Caudalie was on site to educate visitors about the benefits of grape extracts. Thomas brought wine from her family vineyard to share.Caudalie's adorable tote. Edward transformed the hair to "match" with different outfits.Our lovely models, cocktail ready.Every woman loves a messy updo.And now, for my favorite look of the day. Love myself a long flowing dress. <3

What a lovely day getting to know "The Warren," and "The Tricomi." Please stay tuned, there is more to come.


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