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Twelve Days of Christmas gift-away: Day 7 & Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powders

Glitter on another level.The running joke amongst many of the makeup artists in my circle is that glitter is the herpes of makeup. Once you put it on, it does not come off-- at least not when you want it to. If a little jar of sparkles breaks in your train case it’s over. The stuff is guaranteed to be there until you retire it, contaminating all your other products when you least expect it.

I once worked for a company that had a white, squeaky-clean makeup studio. Then we shot a music video there that involved covering one of the performers in blue glitter. More than a year later, when I left the company, I was still finding blue glitter in the nooks and crannies of my desk.

I was chatting with another makeup artist buddy a few days ago, and she said,” I put my glitter in a zip lock bag which goes into separate zipper pouch and then, if I have to, I put in my makeup kit.”

Yet every time I am at a trade-show or a new glitter product hits the shelves, I’m on it like Dug is on squirrels, “Glitter!”


Make Up For Ever’s newest contribution to glitter market has to be to coolest innovation in glitter yet. Holodiam diamond powder is designed down to the nano-particle. The tiny grains are actually multifaceted holographic dust, which means that no matter what direction you look at it the shimmer and sparkle is consistent.

The mere act of sliding the jars out of the box for this photo resulted in finger tips speckled with glitter. YES! I need ALL 4 of them and so do you.

For all the other Glitterazzi out there: one really lucky person will hit the jackpot and win a full set of 4 Make Up For Ever limited edition Holodiam powders.

Please enter the Rafflecopter below!

Read more about Make Up For Ever’s Holodiam Powder on the Examiner.

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