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In reality is hard to chase the love that we have deep in our heart. We always hidden the most touching and romantic moment of love that we long for inside our heart. In Keiko's heart, true love can only be find at the moment she is dying.The type of relationship that touched her the most is the type that society never be accepting, a person that she can't be loved,  a person that never know she deeply in love with, until the moment Keiko is dying, this person realize the deep love from Keiko. That is one of the reasons why Keiko have suicide symptom in her mental disorder. Keiko wish to use death to express her true feeling, she want her love to realize her true love in the end at the moment she is dying, she also want her love to be regret and self-accusation. This is the black romantic that how Keiko define love.This piece is called "The illusion of depressing love". Is to restore Keiko illusionize herself expressing her true feeling of LOVE at the moment when she die. A very contradiction character, a romantic in black.This is the first crossover project with ZCWO. ZCWO improved the quality of the original sculpt, their sculptor can accurately present every details in my concept, to use fiberglass for this piece, is also transform back to all the details that I have on sketches.~ SOLD OUT, Thank you very much ~

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Zoo, Keiko, ukim and kids 係 Fools Paradise 嘅成員, 而 Fools Paradise 係一間精神病院裡面其中一間病房, 呢間病房係專門照顧因工作壓力導置行為失常嘅精神病人, 而 Fools Paradise 亦係圍繞住呢間病房嘅病人嘅幻想行為去創作出來的, 而呢間病房嘅病人亦

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