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Manchester United 1:6 Art Edition 2013/14 Away Kit pre-order NOW

MANCHESTER UNITED ART EDITION 2013/14 AWAY KIT [ FOOLS PARADISE EXCLUSIVE ]       * Pre-Order Price at $110USD + 20USD Shipping (global EMS) each, 498USD for Set of 4.

  * Produce to order and limited.

  * Shipped on 3rd Quarter of 2014.

  * Pre-Order period close on 20 . JUNE. 2014

  * No refunds after submit Order.

  * 1 : 6 scale, 30cm (H)   * Material PVC and Fabric

  * Shipping period will be one months, and it is base on priority basis on when the order is placed.

Please choose the MU playersRyan Giggs $130.00 USD

Wayne Rooney $130.00 USD

Rio Ferdinand $130.00 USD

David de Gea $130.00 USD

COLLECT THEM ALL $498.00 USDChange of Address (if any)Phone Number (please provide)

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