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01 "Kids" Order Now

Fools Paradise series, 01 "kids" 正式開售. 限量99隻

首27名購買 "kids" 的朋友可以優先預訂下一款 02 "General Zoo" 的特別版, 特別版限量製作只有27隻,而特別版與正常版的分別當然不是只轉顏色這麼簡單. (02 "General Zoo" 特別版每人只限訂購一隻)

購買或有任何疑問歡迎 email 到 order@g-999.com 查詢

Fools Paradise series 01 "Kids" Order Now. Limited 99 pcs The first 27 Customers who purchase the Fools Paradise series 01 "Kids" will have the

privilege to pre-order the special injury Version of series 02 "General Zoo"

(Limited 27 PCS only).02 "General Zoo"Pre-order is limited to 1 pc per customer. Order and Information at order@g-999.com

please click here to check Product Detail http://www.doublemoment.com/alan/27fools/main.htm

= 27: fool's

Produced and Manufactured by G999,

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this is cool man!
almost 15 years ago


Zoo, Keiko, ukim and kids 係 Fools Paradise 嘅成員, 而 Fools Paradise 係一間精神病院裡面其中一間病房, 呢間病房係專門照顧因工作壓力導置行為失常嘅精神病人, 而 Fools Paradise 亦係圍繞住呢間病房嘅病人嘅幻想行為去創作出來的, 而呢間病房嘅病人亦

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