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Calling all audiotraffic listeners!

It's time for us to start premote a new song from the album, so who better to ask than you?

A reminder of the song list:




Way Too Long


The Official



Fading Out

Lost City



Please lemme know your opinions!



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Just a reminder (to those who actually read this) that me band audiotraffic are playing at Backstage tomorrow night 7th June at 10pm!

This is our first 1 hour show with only US playing, so its quite a different affair. Please come on down and check it out! We wanna fill the place up!

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Audiotraffic gigs....

We have a few shows coming up so please come and enjoy our noise with us!


LKF Beer fest thingy.. we'll be playing in the street at about midnight


june 7th 10:30

This is our own show and we're playing for a whole hour!

Lets Fight Round 3

June 30th  7:00 

Star Hall HITEC

Paul Wong hosts one heck of a show..

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Breeding Lemmons Often Grummpy

Thanks to everyone for the birfday wishes.. my only wish is for the person who invented 151 to ask themselves why they did it?

2 shows this coming weekend.

Sat is Poly U thing thing... info on this site somewhere

Sunday is Jun Kung's MOOV show at The Fringe Club...at night sometime...yeah!


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Hello everyone/anyone

Where you an April's Fool? I was... I still am..... it might wear off by june...

This Saturday at the Underground! Come see Audiotraffic play!


Underground 56

Club Ci Xi (Si Si / Che - Hay / That place below Sugar)


Come down and enjoy some underground HK music! or just come down and buy me a drink!


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audiotraffic and friends!

So this coming Friday is the big day! Thanks to everyone who've already got a ticket, much appreciated!

Don and I have been pretty busy for the last few weeks doing interviews to promote the album. Who'd have thought it be so much work?! But, we're definitely getting better at it, we have our preset answers all ready now (always asked the same questions).


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audiotraffic CD Launch!

Yep, the day is finally here!

It's taken us almost 4 years to get this puppy done, but this Saturday 8th March is the official Audiotraffic cd launch party.

This has really been a project of passion for us, obviously because it's our music, but also because sooooo many people have been so kind and helpfull to us during this time. It's amazing how supportive people can be if they believe in you and your abilities,and without those people I'm pretty sure we really would be another "shitty little loca...Read more

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Get Glam Trashy With Us!| 跟我們一起Glam Trash!

The month of March..made famous by the Easter Bunny, St. Patrick and now Josie Ho!

It's seems weird to have come full circle with playing as a session musician, as it was with this same rockin' chick that I started playing for cash. So now its time again for another super duper Josie Ho Concert, this coming March 2nd at Star Hall. She's got lots of guests, a ...Read more

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HAppy NeW yEar!

Happy new year everyone.. lets all have a good 2008..


If your in CWB this sunday, drop by Times Square at about 2 o'clock to see us play!



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