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Alice Lee ( 李佳音 )
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About Alice Lee ( 李佳音 )

Alice is trained as an actress ( model ) and performer. She is professional, TV Show Producer, Show Host. She was a Poet and had published hundreds poetry on some magazines and newspapers. Alice had passion for the show business, she had decided her life into media marketing business and TV Shows. She is extremely creative in her field of creating her own shows. Her mission is to change the world with her great love and positive energy. Promoting the idea of "Every life should have a dream for its destiny purpose"

Interesting facts about Alice Lee ( 李佳音 )

Location Vancouver, Canada
Gender Female
English Name Vantak Media Marketing ( Canada)
Member Since August 19, 2009
Simplified Chinese Name 李佳音
Traditional Chinese Name 李佳音
Fans 7
Profile Views 12,020


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Location (City, Country)
Vancouver, Canada
Member Since
August 19, 2009

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