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Best Stunt Scene Ever

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Giveaway Contest!

Our friends at Podcast on Fire are having a Christmas Extravaganza Competition and giving away Shelf Life Clothing T-Shirts & Posters, as well as some Hong Kong movie magazines and DVDs!

Head over to their site and test your knowledge of Hong Kong movies in order to win!

It's a pretty fun challenge for Asian C...Read more

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Thanksgiving on NY Television

This is what Thanksgiving is all about:

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Wong Fei Hung T-Shirt Sale! Pre-order now!

Order now and save $4.00 on our new WONG FEI HUNG Chinese hero organic cotton t-shirt, available exclusively at ShelfLifeClothing.com!Read more

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Sammo Hung needs to get paid!

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sammo Hung, the vastly underrated Hong Kong star/director/producer/choreographer/talent responsible for dozens and dozens of my favorite movies, is in negotiations to fight some sort of supermonkeys in an upcoming American film directed by Kevin Munroe. Maybe some new exposure will help Sammo's legend grow in the U.S., where he's woefully under-appreciated. Sammo's the equal of Jackie Chan and Yuen Woo Ping (combined!) and should be working on some major projects!

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Jackie Chan Office Tour

Jackie Chan sent this video to members of his American fan club in 1996, when there were only a few members. It's a personal and pretty entertaining tour of his Hong Kong offices:

Here's a more recent tour of his secret Hong Kong apartment/Batcave:

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Hong Kong Movie Graphic Belts

We've just introduced a new product at ShelfLifeClothing.com – a limited edition graphic belt.

This distressed, vinyl face, split leather back, unisex belt features a rectangular elong buckle and Hong Kong movie print design.

Check it out:

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許冠傑 Sam Hui bathes! 制水歌

I stumbled across this video on youtube the other day and I don't think you need to understand Cantonese to see how funny it is. The great Sam Hui sings about water rationing in Hong Kong and goes from bathtub to atomizer and beyond in pursuit of cleanliness:

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Funkalicious Ladies Crewnecks

We just added our first ladies crewneck cut shirt to our line, with our popular Dragon Sister blaxploitation/kung fu mashup design:

Here's the ladies cut sizing info:

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Rejected James Bond Themes

After I recovered (almost) from hearing the new James Bond movie theme "song" for Quantum of Solace by Jack White and Alicia Keys, I decided to seek out Bond themes that have been rejected over the years and compile them here in the Shelf Life blog for convenient one-stop listening. I can see why most of these were rejected by the producers in favor of the themes they used, but in one or two cases, I'm not so sure. I'd love to hear what was rejected in favor of the Jack White / Alicia Keys "Another Way to Die...Read more

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