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Caucasians Hoodies are in!

We've just introduced new Caucasians non-Native American team mascot hooded sweatshirts on ShelfLifeClothing.com!

To honor the occasion, check out this clip on the plight on Native American team mascots from The Daily Show:

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Shelf Life Twitters!

We've got a Twitter account! We'll be posting fun links and clips and the occasional witticism there, so check us out!

Follow us on Twitter:

Shelf Life Clothing Company on Twitter

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Find us on Facebook!

Check us out on Facebook:

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Hairy Kaiju Gehara

Here's something you don't see everyday – a hairy Japanese monster, sort of the hippie Godzilla, stomping around in the new short film for TV called Chohatsu Daikaiju Gehara (Long-Haired Giant Monster Gehara). The video is in 2 parts, and doesn't have subtitles, but ...Read more

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Japanese T-Shirt folding

The Japanese Origami method of quick folding t-shirts:

Pretty cool! Can you do it?

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Josh Freese's Incredible Promotional Campaign

Check this out!

Josh Freese, journeyman drummer for Nine Inch Nails, Devo, A Perfect Circle, Sting, and the Vandals, has unveiled a unique promotional plan for his new solo album, Since 1972. According to a press release that just went out, the album will be available in a total of eleven configurations, ranging in price from $7 to $75,000. Each level of price point i...Read more

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American Idol with Impeccable Taste

Stephen Fowler, who was cool enough to wear a Shelf Life Clothing Dragon Sister Tee on American Idol last week, sings again tonight on American Idol, and only three of the 12 contestants in this round get to move on!

He's obviously got the best taste in tee shirts out of all the contestants, so that must count for a few votes!

Here's wishing the Beachwood, OH native good luck, we're rooting for him! Knoc...Read more

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Best-Dressed American Idol Contestant Discovered

I have a new favorite American Idol – season 8's Stephen Fowler, who made the top 36 and ended the show by dancing around in my "Dragon Sister" tee shirt design!

Gotta love being the punctuation mark of TV's top rated show!

Stephen completely nailed a n...Read more

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Customer Service Call

This is why the economy is the way it is:

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Tonight You Belong to Me

TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME is great song written by Billy Rose and Lee David, recorded by Gene Austin in the 1920s and made modernly popular via Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters' lovely rendition in The Jerk. I discovered that there are quite a few people who have have uploaded videos of themselves having a go at singing and playing it, and I thought it was interesting to see some of them next to each other. Any attempt to sing this sweet tune is a home run in my book.

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