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Brunching hard in Melbourne. #latergram

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Brunching hard in Melbourne. . . . .

latergram #brunch #brunchinghard #melbourne #foodie #brunchspotsinmelbourne #melbournecitysnaps #mel #travelbug #wanderlust #hipster #flatlay #ohyeah #lifesnaps #brunchoclock #operator25 #foodpics #yummy #yum #terriyakibenedict

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When you go to Australia and suddenly you're the one with an accent.

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When you're at the art gallery and you appreciate the frames more than the paintings.

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I'm so hipster you can't handle it #fb

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It's brunch o'clock in Melbourne. #fb

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The most eventful moment on my 9 hour flight: thought a mole started to grow on my nose.

It was a speck of chocolate.

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PEY bulkhead seat with only one other person in my row, 4 seats away. Meanwhile every single seat behind me is packed.


Edit: and then I spilled orange juice on my seat ?

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Thank you for the send-off guys! Anytime you need your ass kicked at games I'll be here for you x

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